Retirement Sentiments

Retirement Sentiments – How to Retire Happy and Secure

When you are ready to retire you will receive a number of retirement sentiments, but no matter how many you receive, you will not retire happily if you are not financially secure and in good health. Financial security and health are probably two of the most important elements of a happy retirement, but both will take some work to achieve.

Long before it is time to receive all of the well-meaning retirement sentiments, you will have to be preparing for retirement. For most people this means contributing to an employer sponsored 401k, but it may also include an IRA account, as well as any number of investments.

The most important thing to remember when you are preparing for retirement is that you cannot count on Social Security payments or a pension. For most people Social Security payments are not enough to live comfortably throughout their retirement years, and so many employers are now doing away with pension plans, you may not have this available to you when you need it.

Basically, the only way you can ensure that you have a financially secure retirement is to start planning while you are still young, invest as much as you can through the years and you will likely have some great returns when it comes time to put away your work boots.

Some additional methods of preparing for retirement include annuities, which are an investment that will provide you with a guaranteed income after you retire, plus there are options available, such as a reverse mortgage. You can qualify for a reverse mortgage if your home is close to being paid, and you are over the age of 62. The mortgage company will provide you with a loan on your home that does not have to be repaid until you move or sell your house.

Your health is another area you will have to pay close attention to long before you begin receiving retirement sentiments. If you are not in good health, you will not enjoy those long awaited golden years. Now is the best time to start paying close attention to your health by eating right and getting plenty of exercise. In addition to being health conscious, you will also want to be sure you get regular checkups, and all of the health screening recommended by your doctor.

Another area that is important to consider before you retire is estate planning; this can be done now, but a lot of people don’t really think about it until they get older. As part of your estate plan you will want a will, Advanced Medical Directives, and possibly a trust. Preparing for anything will provide you with peace of mind so that you can enjoy your retirement.

Everyone needs a will so that when they do pass away their earthly possessions will go to those people they want to receive them; without a will the court will decide who inherits your assets. Advanced Medical Directives are also important; these are legal documents that will appoint a medical power of attorney to make decisions, incase you are unable to do so, plus the Living Will can let your healthcare provider know how you feel about life support and other types of medical treatment. A Living Trust that is funded with the majority of your assets can help your loved ones bypass probate when the time comes.

Long before you receive those great retirement sentiment wishes, you want to be prepared for a long and happy retirement.