Removing Hard Water Stains

Tips for Removing Hard Water Stains

Hard water stains are one of the more challenging to remove.  Hard water is a problem for millions of people, causing stains on shower doors and around bathroom and kitchen faucets but these stains can develop on floors, furniture, walls, mirrors, and other surfaces, as well.  Unfortunately, stains caused by hard water are difficult to remove and if not removed, permanent damage could occur.

In addition to being difficult to clean or eliminate, hard water stains take time to develop.  Therefore, stains could be developing for some time before you would even notice them so by that time, the stains are set in deeply, which is one reason removing them is so tough.  The good news is that in addition to a variety of commercial products, those with and without chemicals, you could also use a number of natural remedies that work amazingly well.

For instance, a paste could be made from several substances you probably already have around the home.  Once the paste has been made, it would be applied and rubbed over the area to remove the stains.  Baking soda mixed with vinegar and baking soda mixed with lemon juice are two examples of substances that work great as a cleaning paste.  In addition, you could use straight chlorine bleach.  Of course, when cleaning with any type of caustic substance such as bleach, make sure the room is well-ventilated and wear a protective face mask.

One important note when choosing home remedies or even commercial products to clean hard water stains is that anything acidic works best.  For this reason, citrus, especially lemon has been shown to be one of the most effective solutions.  In fact, cutting a lemon in half and using it instead of a cloth to clean would be ideal.  Simply rub the lemon directly onto the area in circulation motions.  You may need to do this several times over a week but the stains will break down and then disappear.  Using a spray bottle to squirt pure vinegar onto the area is also a good option.

Another great home remedy for removing hard water stains is to mix one teaspoon of Calgon (bath product) with one gallon of warm water.  Using a soft cloth, simply work the area, again in a circular motion for the best results.  You could also try placing a little bit of baby oil onto a soft cotton cloth and then rub with some pressure on the spot.  Additionally, mixing equal parts of extra virgin olive oil with vinegar will also work to eliminate annoying hard water stains.

Along with things you can make from home, a number of excellent commercial products are now on the market.  We recommend you first consider natural or organic products since they are made from non-toxic chemicals.  However, if the hard water stains are extremely stubborn, you may need to invest in a tougher commercial product.  As mentioned before, make sure anytime chemicals are used that windows in the room are opened and some kind of face protection is worn.

Because hard water has a high mineral content, specifically calcium, magnesium, sulphate, and bicarbonate, it is one of the harder stains to tackle but using the right solution would certainly make the process much easier.  A permanent solution once stains have been eliminated would be to install a water softener.  Although there would be an initial financial investment, it would prevent further hard water problems.  Additionally, soft water requires less soap the amount of dishwashing and laundry soap, as well as shampoo would be decreased substantially.