Reasons To Love Someone

Finding Reasons To Love Someone

Ironically, the hardest time for finding reasons to love someone is when first falling in love with that person. Infatuation can cloud reasoning, the object of ones affection seems to be perfect, and there is not much more that can be said.

We usually start finding the true reasons for loving someone after we've come to know that person for awhile, and as time goes on, and we find out more and more about our partner, the list of reasons starts to grow. Initially we are often first attracted by appearance, but as the list of reasons to love someone grows, physical attraction seldom ranks high on the list, although it sometimes can.

When we first fall in love it's often all about who the other person is, does, or seems to be. As a relationship develops, the reasons to love that person begin to focus on how that person treats us, and often on how others are treated as well.

Characteristics such as a person's strength, kindness, honesty and integrity often are high on the list of reasons to love someone, features we usually don't even recognize or think much about when we first fall in love with a person. We start by just wanting to be near someone and progress to wanting to be near someone for some very special reasons.

Personality Counts - When all is said and done, personality usually trumps good looks when it comes to putting together a list of reasons. Attractiveness always counts, and sometimes counts a great deal, especially when our partner takes pride in how he or she looks, without being vain. But we usually love someone for their personality as much as anything. It's a good feeling to be around a person who is basically happy and cheerful, not to the point of being syrupy or sugar-sweet-perpetually-happy, but someone who seems to get the most out of life on most days.

At times among the best reasons to love someone has to do with what they have brought into our life, by teaching us about life and how to live. There are few things better than having a partner that expands one own world, and introduces one to things that simply liven up one's existence.

I Have A Lovely Voice - We can think of some very strange reasons to love someone as well, often having to do with unusual ways a person acts or the ways that person treats us that just seem a bit special. We can love a person because they have a beautiful singing voice, or love them because they can't carry a tune in a bucket, but think otherwise. We love people who sometimes do dumb things, but in ways that shows they are not dumb but simply human. We love people who don't get after us when we do dumb things, but recognize we are just human.

You're Always Number One - One of the greatest reasons to love someone is when they put us first, no matter what, when they introduce us to friends, when they make certain at a party or gathering that we are not being neglected, and when in a crowded room they throw a glance and a smile from across that room. In the same manner, an occasional touch, one that just says I'm here and always thinking about you, means a lot, as does holding hands, if only for a brief moment.

When you think about it, it's really not all that hard to put together a rather lengthy list of reasons to love someone if you put your mind to it. In fact it can be a very rewarding, uplifting, and sometimes surprising exercise.