Quick Marriages

All About Quick Marriages

Quick marriages are usually the result of not having enough money or time to plan a traditional wedding. Sometimes it is because the new couple is just in a rush to be married. This probably isn’t a good idea and usually quick marriages end in quick divorces. But occasionally people who have been married quickly have relationships that last until they die. No matter what type of wedding you have, there is no guarantee for a long lasting relationship.

A few couples may only want to be married for a short period of time. For example, if someone wants to gain citizenship they can get married just for this reason. For others, a quick trip to the altar could be a bad decision made too soon. Even though there are so many bad possibilities from getting married too soon, people still do it and there are places that encourage quick marriages.

When a couple is overwhelmed with the idea of marriage and are being pressured by people around them, they might choose to elope. Instead of planning a huge wedding and spending a lot of time and money, they simply sneak off and get married. Thy can choose another city to be married in or if money is a problem, they can just go to a local church and ask for a basic ceremony. Young adults may also choose to be married this way because they do not have the consent of their parents. Eloping is a way to avoid all the hassles of a big expensive wedding.

Las Vegas is perhaps the best city to be married quickly in. There is a wedding chapel on every corner for convenience. You can spend a lot of money for rings, entertainment and a nice ceremony. Or you can pay a flat rate for a fast and easy ceremony. These types of weddings are not considered legal without a license from the local courthouse and you must have the both documents together before anyone is officially married. This is a good idea in a place like Las Vegas, where people are more inclined to make bad decisions about marriage.

To obtain a marriage license you have to go to your local courthouse. A marriage license costs around twenty five dollars and you and your fiancé will have to fill out the marriage application and submit the proper identification. Depending on the state you live in there is a waiting period for the papers to be filed. This usually takes around three days and after that time you can be legally married.

A judge is also qualified to perform wedding ceremonies. So when your marriage license is filed you can also get married at the courthouse. There are usually specific times set up for couples to be married this way and you have to make an appointment to be married by the judge. This is another way to get married quickly and for little cost. This also costs around twenty five dollars in most states. If you plan on being married at a courthouse you must bring along two witnesses. They can be either family members or friends. They will need to sign the marriage certificate to prove that you are indeed married. In some cases if you do not have a witness, there will be other people there that can sign for you.

Getting married is a serious thing and should never be decided on a whim. It takes time to get to know another person and rushing into marriage can cause more than hurt feelings. When you have to also pay for a quick divorce, it hurts your wallet too.