Quarterback Tips

Top 5 Quarterback Tips

In American football, the quarterback is the one player who leads the game and some handy quarterback tips can improve their performance. This position is crucial as the quarterback plans moves, strategies and enables the other players to be successful. Due to the fact they carry such a responsibility, they are always striving for improvement to take their team to the top. Here are 5 handy quarterback tips that will help to increase the performance.

  1. Leadership


Quarterbacks are the leading figure in a football game and it is important to exhibit outstanding leadership skills. This requires problem solution on the spot as well as a thoroughly planned game. It is important to have ‘plan B’ up your sleeve if you want to be successful as a quarterback. But leading the game is not enough as you also have to lead the team. Motivation is essential and your team must respect you; otherwise you will be unable to make them follow your instructions and invest 100% of their energy into the game. Remember that if there are two equally good quarterbacks, the trainer will choose the more confident and respected one to take the lead.

  1. Training

One of the best quarterback tips is certainly about the throwing technique. A bad technique and a lack of training results in inaccuracy and disrupts the whole game. The best tip is to be aware of which arm you are throwing with, and to keep the elbow elevated at all times. A lowered elbow often causes a so-called ‘side arm’ which basically describes a throwing technique that is inaccurate and bad for your joints. Being a good quarterback involves a lot of training, and you must practice regularly to ensure that your elbow is always above your shoulder, that your grip is strong and that you are always focussed on the game.

  1. Precision

Precision is both the number one issue and skill that a good quarterback needs. This skill can only be acquired through training, hard work and a lot of patience. You are the lead in the game and everybody relies on you. A mistake made by a quarterback can be extremely fatal because it is the essential move that enables other players to do their job. Remember that as a quarterback you are the leader, the example and you should be bullet proof. You can follow all quarterback tips there are, but without a constant training and extreme focus on precision you will not succeed.

  1. Speed

Football is a fast sport so you must be in shape and be faster than everyone else. Your feet and legs are your tools to success and this must be trained continuously. Your speed and condition are crucial for the game, and your training should include a thorough warm-up to keep your joints healthy and avoid damage. Running, jumping and crawling should also be covered in your daily exercise. It is important that you are able to explode away from the centre on all drops which requires speed and, of course, precision.

  1. The Right Attitude

You have lost the game the moment you believe that you are the best. No matter how good you are, there will always be somebody who is better than you. Thus, striving for perfection is an ongoing journey that will never end, and you must deliver this attitude to your team. While you are a leader, you need your team to succeed and without their respect you are simply nothing. Very important is also the relationship between the coach and you as teamwork is the key to win. Hence, respect and motivate your team without being condescending, allow constructive criticism from them and treat them the way you want to be treated. While your coach may seem to make false decisions at times, it is crucial to support him and not offend him or question his abilities.