Pregnant Bridesmaid

How To Deal With A Pregnant Bridesmaid

Getting married is hard enough but if you just found out that you have a pregnant bridesmaid, you may wonder what to do next. Weddings are usually planned six months to a year in advance. The first thing you should do is find out how far along the pregnant bridesmaid will be when your wedding takes place. This way you can plan ahead and make sure that you can accommodate a pregnant person.

Most women want their wedding day to be special. This probably will be the most important day of a bride’s life and she may want everything to be perfect. A bride should think about this and be realistic with any decision. If her bridesmaid will be one to seven months along when the wedding takes place, this may not be a big deal. But if the bridesmaid is nearing the end of her pregnancy there are things to consider.

Pregnant women have to use the bathroom a lot. Because the baby puts pressure on the bladder, it may be uncomfortable for the pregnant bridesmaid to stay in one place for more than a half an hour. If your ceremony will take longer, the bridesmaid will be very sore and tired after wards and may not even want to attend the reception.

Another thing to think about is if your pregnant bridesmaid will have to travel to your wedding. Travel isn’t really advised for women who are pregnant. Driving for a long period of time may be out of the question and flying really is not a better option. The air is very dry in the cabin and there is no room to move around. Both of these things can be dangerous for an expectant mother if they have to fly for over an hour.

Long before a wedding date is set, most brides have already picked out their bridesmaid dresses. They know the color schemes, the styles they prefer and have probably already picked out tuxedos for the men also. If the bridesmaid becomes pregnant, everything has to be reexamined. The only options are buying a bridesmaid dress in a larger size and having it altered or just purchasing a separate maternity dress for the pregnant bridesmaid.  Luckily, there are many dress makers that offer high end dresses specifically for pregnant women. Many times you can buy a dress that may not be similar in style but may match your color scheme.

It may not bother you if one of your bridesmaids will be pregnant during your wedding. You may not think it is a big deal and do not mind. But if the pregnant bridesmaid decides to decline your invitation, do not pressure her. She may have to bow out for medical reasons or because she knows she will not be able to perform the normal bridesmaid duties. If she is your best friend and you will not get married without her being there, you can always change the date of the wedding. You can either make it earlier or plan it after your bridesmaid has given birth.

In at least fifty percent of weddings that occur now, at least one of the bridesmaids is pregnant. Retailers are realizing that this is happening more often and they are starting to include many maternity bridesmaids dresses into their selections. So having a pregnant bridesmaid may not be that big of a problem after all. If the bride is a good hostess and makes sure that the bridesmaid is comfortable at all times there is no reason that a pregnant woman cannot be a happy, beautiful bridesmaid.