Poultry Fencing

Tips on Choosing and Erecting Poultry Fencing

You don’t need to raise chickens or ducks to find a use for poultry fencing.  While it is a great option for these as well as other small creatures like rabbits and sheep, there are many other ways to use poultry fencing around the home.

Types of fencing

The purpose of fencing is to establish boundaries.  Those lines may be simply to set out a flower bed, a yard or to restrict the movement of domestic and farm animals.  A variety of fencing is available, designed to accommodate a number of different needs.

Erecting poultry fencing

Once you have chosen the type of chicken wire that is best for a particular application, it is time to erect the fence.  You will need to determine how much fencing will be needed to complete the project.  Other tools needed to install standard chicken wire fencing are a measuring tape, fencing stakes, sledge and regular hammer and a straight slot screw driver.  Measure out the diameter for placing the fencing stakes and mark each.  Using the sledge hammer, drive the stakes into the ground at the marked areas.  Open the metal tabs on the stakes with the screwdriver.  Attach the end of the chicken wire to the stake hooks, positioning the fencing so that touches the ground.  The bottom edge can also be partially buried, if desired.  Close the tabs using the regular hammer.  Continue to the next stake until the fencing is complete.

Electric fencing is a little more intricate to erect, as voltage must also be included.  Be sure that you are well familiar with this process before beginning, or hire someone knowledgeable to erect.  Plastic fencing is much easier to install, as simple wooden stakes or plastic stakes are used as stabilizers.

Poultry fencing can be a useful tool for any homestead, whether it is used for establishing property boundaries, confining small domestic or farm animals or to guard garden areas from wildlife.

Besides keeping your own animals safely in a confined area, an additional use for poultry fencing is to keep unwanted critters out of your yard.