Possum Deterrent

Are You In Need Of An Effective Possum Deterrent?

Before you consider using something harmful as a possum deterrent, you should know that they are quite intriguing little animals.  They are actually North America's only marsupial which puts them in the same family as kangaroos, koalas and wombats.




The female possum carries her young in her pouch where they latch onto one of her 13 nipples.  The most intriguing thing about them is the fact that their body temperature is so low that they barely ever carry rabies which is good news when they are hanging around your house, yard, pets and family.

Most people really only look for a possum deterrent because they are by far not the cutest critters to look at.  Also, they do have a way of getting into places that they shouldn't such as bird feeders, garbage cans, pet food, garages, attics and under sheds.

Eliminate Shelter Locations

By eliminating their favorite shelter location, they are almost forced to take up residence somewhere else.  Start by removing any brush and wood piles.  When possible, keep the wood in a shed or garage with the door closed tightly.  Also, it is a good idea to install lattice or some type of garden fence around the base of the shed and garage if they are finding a home inside or underneath.

Eliminate Food Sources

If you are looking for a possum deterrent, you should evaluate what lured them there in the first place.  Keep in mind that these animals are scavengers and are happy to eat pretty much anything including dog, cat and bird food, carrion, rodents, insects, plants, vegetables, fruit, birds, amphibians and garbage.  Therefore, if you have fruit trees in your yard, you need to stay on top of picking up any fallen pieces, block off gardens, put lids on garbage cans and do not leave pet food outside.


A motion activated sprinkler is a phenomenal possum deterrent.  Simply install them around your yard and they are an easy and harmless way to chase these animals away.  Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinklers seems to be the most popular pick and chances are your lawn could use a drink anyway.

Pet Hair

After you brush your dog or cat, keep all of the hair and put it into one of those handy small mesh bags that you always buy because they are on sale and then never know what to do with.  Place the bags around the trouble areas and the smell tricks your pest into thinking that there is a nearby predator.


Urine from a coyote, fox or bobcat are all excellent choices for an effective possum deterrent.  You can buy such a tool as a powder, granule or liquid at both hunting and outdoor supply stores.  Shake Away Critter Repellent is a recommended brand.  You simply shake it around sheds, flowerbeds and gardens and it keeps the possums away.


Attic Removal

A possum deterrent will not do you a bit of good if one is already living in your attic.  You will need to sit outside for a few nights very quietly so that you can determine where it is getting in and out.  After all, there is no point chasing one away if you can't immediately barricade its entrance.

Once you are sure it is in your attic, go up there and turn on all of the lights and make as much noise as you can.  Talk, play a portable radio, whatever you need to do, just make your presence known.  Possums hate the light and human interaction so they will run away.

After they leave, barricade their entrances and trim any tree branches that they are using for access.  Keep in mind that there is really no reason to hurt them.  These are pretty harmless creatures aside from their appearance.