Playing Squash

The Basic Rules of Playing Squash

Although there is much more involved in playing squash than covered in this article, the information we have provided is a good high level view of the various components of the game.  Typically, Squash is played in European countries but in the past decade, it has become a popular sport in the United States as well.  By following the rule and taking time to learn to play, the game is fast-paced, fun, and very rewarding.

The game of Squash is played on a Squash court, involving two people or two teams each consisting of two people.  To start a rally, one person starts by serving with the game continuing until a player hits the ball out of bounds, down, or is unable to hit the ball prior to it bouncing twice.  Because playing Squash is so intense and physically demanding, only people in excellent physical condition should play or for someone just starting out, they need to take it slow and listen to what the body says.

Now, to serve while playing Squash, the person serving would need to have at minimum one foot in the serving or service box, followed by hitting the ball to the front wall between the outline and cut line.  In some games, the ball is allowed to bounce once in the opposite half of the court behind the short line but these rules would need to be established ahead of time.

Once the ball has hit the front wall, it can be hit against another wall but only if it lands in the correct half court.  Next, the receiver can hit the Squash ball on the full.  Now, if a rally were won by the server, he or she would be required to serve the ball from the serving or service box on the alternate side.  On the other hand, if the rally were won by the receiver, he or she would have the choice of the serving or server box from which to serve.  For backhand serves, more advanced players serve from the box on the right, which is more challenging.

Along with a standard front serve when playing Squash, some players will use what is referred to as a “Power Serve” or “Hard Serve”.  In this case, the goal is to get good height on the ball, hit with incredible force so the ball has top speed, and the ball would be aimed to hit near the cutline.  For returning the serve, the receiver should pay close attention to the type of serve, angle of the serve, and the speed of the ball so the appropriate return method could be used.

For the rally when playing Squash, all players have a Squash racket.  If two people were playing, the ball would be hit back and forth until someone faults.  However, if a team of two people on each side play, each team member would take turns hitting the ball back to the opposing team.  The goal is to hit the front wall between the large area of the wall, which is known on the top as the “outline” and the tin of the bottom portion of the wall.  In this case, the ball has to stay within the confines of the court and be hit on the first bounce or volleyed before bouncing.  Rallying while playing Squash is the fun part but also the most demanding.

As far as scoring in the game of Squash, there are several options but the one most commonly used is the international scoring system, also called the “traditional” scoring method.  When the server wins a rally, one point is scored.  If the server loses a rally, serving would go to the other player or team.  Once a point has been scored, the server must alternate between the left and right serving and service box.  Ultimately, the first player or team to reach nine points becomes the winner of the Squash game.