Places In Italy

The Top Romantic Places in Italy to Visit

Perhaps there is no other region of the world quite as romantic as Italy; if you are planning a romantic getaway to this country, you’ll want to discover some of the most romantic places in Italy to visit.

With Italy being one of the most romantic places on earth, many couples choose it as a destination for their honeymoon; in this part of the world, beauty is everywhere. One of the most romantic places in Italy to visit is Venice. This city is certainly one of the most romantic places in the world. One of the favorite pastimes of lovers that visit this city is to take a romantic Gondola ride.

While you are in Venice, you’ll want to visit the beautiful cathedral and Piazza San Marco, but don’t forget that there is a lot more to see in Venice that these sites. There are picturesque squares, and wonderfully romantic cafes where you can pass some time, and you won’t want to miss the Carnevale festivals.

Of course Rome is another of those places in Italy that you’ll want to visit during your honeymoon. There are several reasons why Rome is such a popular destination with everyone; this city is full of natural beauty, as well as antiquity. Rome is known as the Eternal City, its wide lanes and ruins are a great place to spend a romantic week while on your honeymoon getaway.

Another of the popular places in Italy to honeymoon is the Amalfi and Capri coast; this region of Italy has been an attractive destination for lovers since the days of the Romans. One of the most romantic destinations in this area is Positano; this is a fun place to visit if you like the unusual. This beautiful town is built on the face of a cliff, so no matter where you are; you’ll have a beautiful view of the sea. There are a number of quaint restaurants and cafes where you’ll find the best seafood in the world. Because Positano is known for its mild climate, people visit all year around.

While visiting Italy you won’t want to miss Capri Island; this stunningly beautiful island provides lovers with a number of places to spend time together; there are isolated coves and breathtaking beauty, and the air is scented with the sweet aroma of flowers.

One of the places in Italy that lovers don’t want to overlook is Verona; this location is most famous for the house where it is said that Juliet stood on the balcony; a character in Shakespeare’s tragic love story, Romeo and Juliet. While visiting Juliet’s house, lovers can rub the statue of Juliet for good luck. After taking pictures of the famous balcony, you could attend an opera in a Roman theater or even take a romantic carriage ride. After a day of exploring this beautiful town, relax at a street side café.

If you really want to make your honeymoon something special, while you are exploring those romantic places in Italy you might want to stay in a medieval castle; Italy has several castles where you can spend a night, or an entire week. What could be more romantic than to stay in a castle for your honeymoon?

No matter if you are looking for places in Italy for a romantic Honeymoon or a family vacation, you’ll love this region of the world.