Pillar Drill

Safety Tips for the Pillar Drill

The pillar drill is a common type of machine drill used in many workshops. It is similar to the bench drill because both machines do pretty much the same thing: drill holes in a variety of materials. The bench drill has its base on a bench or table, where it is bolted down. The pillar drill is larger and sits directly on the floor. This type of drill is used for drilling holes into large materials.

As with any type of machinery, the pillar drill should always be used with great care and caution. These machines come with a number of precautionary safety devices, and they should always be used properly, in a safe environment and with safety tips in mind:

Always Use the Drill Guard
All pillar drills come with a built in drill guard. This should never be removed and should be used whenever the drill is in use. The purpose of the drill guard is to protect the person using the machine from debris that may fly off of the material being drilled. This plastic piece serves as a shield that can also protect anyone working in the surrounding area from pieces of material that come dislodged or are drilled out.

Don’t Forget your Safety Goggles
Safety goggles are probably the single most important piece of safety equipment you will find in any workroom where machinery is being used. The premise is simple: you have one pair of eyes, and they should be protected at all times. Working with drilling machines can be dangerous, because bits and pieces of the material being drilled may come flying off as you work. Even the tiniest particle can damage your eye, so always keep them covered when drilling.

Read the Instructions
Never attempt to use a drilling machine like the pillar drill without first learning how to properly work the equipment. Trying to use a machine that you are not familiar with is a prescription for disaster. First of all, you may not be able to do what  you want to do if you are not aware of how the particular piece of machinery works. Secondly, you are opening the door for injury if you attempt to work with equipment you do not know how to use.

Take Your Time
Never rush through a project with using a machine drill – or any other type of machinery for that matter. When you are in a hurry, you almost always produce shoddy work. Many times you will actually have to do the work all over again, which in the long run takes a lot more time. Rushing through a job can also distract you from following proper safety protocol, and this could easily lead to a serious accident or injury. So, always give yourself enough time to finish the job at hand.

Use the Equipment Correctly
Never use a piece of machinery to do a job that it was never designed to do. The pillar drill and other machine drills are created to drill holes in different types of material. Do not use them for anything besides that job. Additionally, make sure you are using the correct drill bit for the job you are doing. If you need a large hole, use a large enough bit. If you are drilling into a material that requires a special drill bit, do not proceed until you have the special equipment needed for that project. Never substitute another bit when you are doing specialized work. Most of the time it won’t even work. It is a safety issue and may even damage the equipment.