Pike Fishing Tips

Catch More Fish With These Pike Fishing Tips

If you are new to pike fishing, or just don’t seem to have much luck with catching your limit, these pike fishing tips could help you improve your fishing technique so you can catch more fish.

Pike can be found all over the world, they live in freshwater lakes and rivers throughout the Canada and the United States. These fish are large predators; they will feed vigorously on all types of things; this is especially true in the spring. Pike are known to get as big as 10 pounds if their habitat is in a large lake. Due to the fact that these fish get so big, they are also some of the most prized trophy fish by many fishermen.

These fish are not particularly easy to catch, which is why it is important to research pike fishing tips so that you can develop an effective technique for catching these fish. For example, you should know why live bait and fly-fishing are two of the best methods of fishing for pike.

Here are a few pike fishing tips to get your started catching your limit every time you go out fishing.

Use Live Bait – If you are serious about catching pike you will want to use live bait; there are all types of live bait that are appropriate for catching these fish, including insects and even small fish. To decide what type of bait to use you will have to have some idea of what size the pike is that you are fishing for; the larger the fish the larger the bait should be. An example would be if you are fishing for a fairly small pike you can easily use minnows or insects, but for larger fish you might want to use perch. Due to the fact that pike are scavengers, you can also use dead bait and let it set at the bottom. Place a dead minnow on the hook and cast out your line. Let the bait settle to the bottom and wait for a hit. Remember to set the hook once you do get a hit on your line.

Try Spoon Fishing – This is one of the most effective methods of catching pike. To spoon fish you will need a spoon lure. This is a lure that resembles the top of a spoon. When pulling this lure through the water, it will mimic the movement of a fish, which the pike will be very attracted to. You can get spoon lures in a number of different sizes and colors; try experimenting until you find the size and color that does the best job in the area you are fishing.

Fly Fishing – One of the most important pike fishing tips is to try fly-fishing. To fly fish effectively you will need a lot of practice to develop a good technique. You can fly fish with both live bait and lures; the best bait will depend on your technique, as well as the area you are fishing. Although it is common to fly fish from the bank or while standing in the water, you can also fish this way from a boat. With this technique you will cast a fly into the water, which is a lightweight lure. The lure will float on the water surface and you will continually move the fly up and down in the water.

With enough practice you will develop your own pike fishing techniques and begin catching your limit on every fishing trip.