Pignose Hog

About Pignose Hog Amps

The Pignose Hog amp is a perfect amp to use for playing guitar, as well as for speakers. This amp will also work well in recording studios. Due to the fact that this is a rechargeable battery powered amp, it is also ideal for using outdoors, such as outdoor speaking engagements, or other types of outdoor gatherings where you might need amplified sound.

Although the Pignose Hog amp was originally made for use with guitars and keyboards, it actually works great with any type of electrical instrument, as well as a microphone and even CD players. To create an even better sound, you can connect multiple components together. You will truly be surprised at the quality sound that you get from one of these amps, and the best part about this is that these amplifiers are very reasonably priced.

Some of the features that you get with a Pignose Hog amp include, both battery and AC operation, you can recharge the battery so you save money on having to purchase more batteries. This amp comes with two inputs, plus you get a three-band equalizer, and a funk bass switch.

Additional features of the Pignose Hog amplifier include level and pre gain controls, as well as a headphone jack so you can play your instrument and listen to the sound in privacy. Not only can you get hours of use from a single charge, but also the quality build of this amp is consistent with the quality you come to expect from a Pignose Hog component. This amplifier ships with rechargeable batteries that are easily replaced once they begin to wear out.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new amplifier, you’ll definitely want to check out the Pignose Hog; these fine quality apps will do everything that a bigger amp will do, but they are more affordable, as well as portable.

There are a number of user reviews online that you can read to get more information on the Pignose Hog amp, in addition to getting more information on this amp, you can also get information on pricing, and the best place to buy one of these components.

If you want a great sounding amp that you can take anywhere with you, consider buying a portable Pignose amp.