Passive Aggressive Women

Dealing With Passively Aggressive Women

One of life's little challenges can be in trying to live with, or deal with, passively aggressive women. While there are usually some telltale signs, it's not always possible to identify passively aggressive women right off the bat. Those who are married to the type know this all too well, or else in first sensing passive aggressive behavior, they either felt it was a passing phase, or they could somehow deal with it.



It isn't just passively aggressive women that can be a pain; men can exhibit the same type of behavior. Somehow though it seems women are a little bit better at it. When you look at some of the traits of passive aggressiveness your first thought might be “what a terrible person to have to be around”. Like other forms of undesirable behavior, passive aggressiveness is present in degrees. In fact, we all exhibit the trait on occasion, especially when we have an urge to get even without being caught in the process of trying to do so.

Subtle, At First - Passive aggressive women don't come at you all at once. The behavior is usually quite subtle and occurs over the long term. It may be quite mild at first and seem a bit innocuous, but tends to get worse with time. Subtle gestures become not so subtle, and the bad behavior often becomes a constant, to the extent the person is just difficult to be around.

Instead of throwing your car keys in the garbage or out the window to express anger, passive aggressive women are more apt to misplace them, or temporarily lose them, just to make a point. It's hard to get mad at someone who misplaces something, especially when it seems to be a perfectly innocent act. Yet over time, as more and more things get "misplaced" or more and more appointments are “forgotten” the pattern of the passive aggressive person begins to emerge.

One Crisis After Another - Passive aggressive women, and men too for that matter, are afraid of challenges and try to avoid anything remotely competitive. Instead of direct competition, or directly taking on a problem or assignment, the person will try subterfuge, or will make what seems to be an effort of doing what needs to be done, but not getting it done, due to a distraction, or more likely a sudden crisis. Passive aggressive women are well known for the crises they have to endure which perpetually keep them form accomplishing anything, even the simplest of tasks at times.

It's Your Fault Of Course - Of course when nothing gets done, or something is misplaced, it is never the fault of the passive aggressive person. That person would not have lost your car keys had you not in some manner provided a distraction. The same person will not feel guilty about being late but will instead chide you for being prompt to the extent of trying to make you feel foolish about it.

Perhaps the most maddening aspect of dealing with passive aggressive women is they make you feel guilty, about most everything, and feeling more than a little bit used. When dealing with a passive aggressive person, you often feel like you've lost a battle, though you never intended to get into one in the first place, and may even have difficulty in trying to figure out just what the battle you lost was all about. All you know is you came out second best, but in what way isn't always clear.

Don't Give In - Firmness is one way, perhaps the only way to deal with a passive aggressive individual. It may not always work but you have to make it very clear as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not acceptable. It may take intervention on the part of more than one person to gain any results, but being firm is the key.