Palmistry Marriage Lines

What Palmistry Marriage Lines Show

Palmistry, also known as Chirology or Cheirology involves the study of the hand, which many people use to build a successful future, as in the case of palmistry marriage lines.  The professional palmist considers several aspects of the hand to include the shape, length and shape of the fingers, fingernails, the thumb, knuckles, flexibility, skin texture, patterns, fingerprints, markings, and lines.  With a thorough assessment, all the various features are interpreted, which provides the individual with information from the past and present that ultimately provides insight into the future.

Although no one knows for sure where palmistry began, many historians believe it was a part of several ancient cultures in China, Egypt, Greece, and Babylonian.  However, palmistry has only become popular in the past century.  Today, law enforcement uses fingerprints to identify people and prosecute criminals, and the shape, size, and some markings found on the hand are genetic.  Therefore, it is possible that there is something to palmistry.

In addition, these experts can tell a person about his or her health, financial situation, interests, skills, character, habits, fears, psychology, and much more.  For this reason, we see a growing number of people getting married taking time to meet with a palmist so the palmistry marriage lines can be read.  With this, the couple would gain more insight into the success or failure of the marriage union.

Just as some people go to premarital counseling, others have the palmistry marriage lines read.  Most people think all the lines on the hand are simply creases but in truth, these lines begin forming in the mother’s womb between 9 and 11 weeks, which change over the life of that person.  Since the future changes based on everyday events and decisions, the lines on the hand also change.

Interestingly, when palmistry marriage lines are read, the present is what is seen.  However, the palmist can help a person bring things from the past to the present, which can then be analyzed and learned from to form the future.  For this reason, when the “future” is looked at using the lines on the hand, these predictions are mere possibilities.  The benefit is that couples can take the newly discovered information and make better choices that would affect the marriage.

The palmist would read the palmistry marriage lines on both the right and left hand.  If you are right-handed, the belief is that the left hand is what the gods provided to you but the right hand is what you choose to do with those gifts.  The hand you use to write with is considered your active or dominant hand, which is the true conscious, the way you develop, and even the way you are perceived by others.  The opposite hand is considered the minor or passive hand, which reflects the inner you or your subconscious, the part of you that is private, and the person from which you were developed.

If you want the best chance for a long, prosperous marriage, you might consider having the palmistry marriage lines read by a professional palmist.  Even if you are not a firm believer in this method of prediction or enlightenment, you might just discover something of importance from the past that needs to be addressed for you and your future spouse to have the best chance together in the future.