Palm Tree Leaves

Making Palm Tree Leaves

If you are interested in having a party and decorating with palm tree leaves you are going to enjoy reading this article.  Finding palm tree leaves in your neighborhood may be difficult if you do not live in a tropical area.  But, do not worry.  That does not mean that you are not going to be able to celebrate with these amazing leaves as decorations.

You will need to have a few different items ready before you begin making the palm tree leaves. You are going to want to get a hot glue gun, pipe cleaners and a lot of green construction paper. You will want to also get a ruler so that you can measure your lines for the size of the leaves.  Also have a pair of scissors handy.

Once you have gathered all of the materials you will need to make your palm tree leaves you will want to start by using the ruler that you have purchased in order to make two lines that are approximately one and one half inches apart.  You will make them at an angel so that they will come down in the shape of a V.  You will continue this on your paper as many times as you would like.  When you have finished with this step, you will then place a few other pieces of paper behind that one so that you have a guide to go by.

Next, you will need to plug in your hot glue gun and get it heating up.  You will then begin cutting the lines that you just drew.  When you have finished this step, you will set the leaves aside.  You are going to be returning to these later so do not place them too far out of reach.  So far, you can probably see that this task is going to be fairly easy and it is also very inexpensive.

Now, you are going to want to take your pipe cleaners and get them ready.  You need each one to be about 13 inches long.  If the pipe cleaners that you purchased are not long enough, you will just need to wrap two of them together end to end.  You do need to wrap them very tight so that there is not a large knot in the middle of the stem that is going to look bad later.

You will then need to put hot glue on the pipe cleaner and begin placing the leaves you cut onto the pipe cleaner. You are going to want to continue placing the leaves every two centimeters.  You can use your ruler for this task as well so that you know they are spaced correctly.  You will continue this step until you have as many leaves as you want.  As you can see, you can make the leaves as large or as small as you want them to be.

Making your own palm tree leaves is not that difficult at all and it can be a wonderful project for small children to help you with.  This gives them an opportunity to help you prepare for the party and they feel helpful and important.  There as so many different party themes that would include palm trees that the possibilities are endless.  They add a lot of character and fun to the party atmosphere.  For a small price and some wonderful quality time with your child, you will have created a unique atmosphere that will be enjoyed by all.  So, the next time you are thinking about having a get together, spice it up and spend some time making your own palm tree leaves.