Onboarding Process

Creating An Onboarding Process For Your Company

Employee orientation is often confused with the onboarding process but they are entirely different.  While orientation typically offers an employee a tour around, explanation of the time clock and a quick list of rules and procedures, onboarding goes well beyond this.  This process of introducing a newly hired employee with a company as well as its culture, demands ongoing and frequent communication between management and the employee long after the first day on the job.

The onboarding process should offer frequent feedback, mentoring and relationship building to be effective.  This will ultimately increase morale and production, reduce employee turnover and empower your employees to be valuable contributors to your organization's success.

While no one can argue that the process is intense and time consuming, it is also worthwhile and in your best interest.  The onboarding process is a critical period for new employees who are naturally forming expectations of the company, their job and their leader. Of course, it may not seem appealing to commit to so much extra work in your already busy day, simply to ensure the success of someone else, keep in mind that their success reflects on you as a manager.

Rules To Follow

It is always helpful to take the time to develop a consistent onboarding process that will be used for all new hires.


Questions To Consider

When creating an onboarding process for your company, it is helpful to ask yourself a few questions, such as: