Normal Person

What To Look For In A Normal Person

The dictionary defines a normal person as who is not suffering from a mental disorder. That's not always a great deal of help, since there are borderline cases, and what defines a mental disorder can sometimes be subjective. Another definition, stating that a normal person is one who does not depart far from the norm, isn't all that helpful either. We can take the norm as meaning average, but how far from average one must go to not be normal, or to be considered abnormal, isn't all that clear either.



It's Normal To Be Normal - If we look at the population for the perspective of a bell-shaped curve, and say a perfectly normal person is in the middle of the curve, we don't necessarily have to define what perfectly normal is, but only note that most normal people will be to the right or to the left of the center of the curve, and indeed much if not most of the curve will represent normal people, which is to say most of us are normal, and a much smaller percentage are not.

A normal person will exhibit certain traits, traits we see to one degree or another in most people we meet, and hopefully in ourselves. Not everyone exhibits these traits to the same degree of course, but lacking even one of the traits could make a person fall into the abnormal category.

Extroversion - One of the desirable traits of a normal person is extroversion. This is not the same as being an extrovert in terms of personality. Some people are extroverts and others are introverts, and both can be considered quite normal. Extroversion in this context is akin to selflessness, and means a person who focuses mainly on others and what is outside of the self, the opposite of being self centered.

Agreeable - Normal people also are usually agreeable people and tend to be trustful That doesn't mean that such a person may get along with you right away, or is naive when dealing with others, but simply means that once you get to know them they are nice to be with and generally agreeable about most things. Agreeable people make the best and closest friends, while those who are not agreeable can be difficult, or a pain, to be around.

Conscientious - The normal person exhibits a degree of conscientiousness which is to say he or she respects the feelings of others in whatever actions or decisions are made, tend to be trustworthy, and like the agreeable person, tends to adapt well to most social settings. The conscientious person is usually prudent, is both achievement and work-oriented, and exhibits a strong degree of self control.

Self Control - Self control is indeed one of the hallmarks of the normal person, who in most situations is an emotionally stable individual. We all "lose it" from time to time, but in the vast majority of cases we maintain emotional stability. Emotional instability is often one of the more common traits of a person who is not quite normal.

Intellectual Curiosity - Finally, most people who fit into the category of normalcy are intellectually open. That doesn't necessarily equate to brilliance or genius, and there have certainly been geniuses in our midst who would be characterized as anything but normal, but equates to being open minded, having intellectual curiosity, and a desire to learn and a desire for personal growth.

All of us normal folks have at least some of these characteristics to one degree or another. Some have some of these characteristics in spades, most of us exhibit the characteristics sufficiently to qualify as a normal person.