Netball Skills

How to Learn Netball Skills

Netball skills can be gained by practicing different drills.  When you want to improve your skills at this game you will need to spend a lot of time practicing different drills related to passing, defense, offense, and shooting.  It is important to practice these drills and correct any mistakes that you may make.  Once you have cleaned up the mistakes and you practice the right way you will be more likely to improve your skill level.

Number netball can be used as a way to increase offensive netball skills and help your players learn how to work together as a team.  You will need to divide your team into two separate teams in order to carry out this drill.  You will follow the normal rules of netball for this drill but you will only allow your team to play on one third of the court.  You will give each player a number and the ball will need to pass in numerical order while the other team members try to get the ball back.

A defensive drill that can help with netball skills is called the triangle drill.  You will need to take four players from your team in order to carry out this drill.  One person will have the ball and they will stand at the point of the triangle.  This person is called the thrower.  The other two players will form the rest of the triangle.  These two players will be the receivers. You will take the fourth player and place him or her in front of the two receivers.  As the thrower attempts to pass the ball to the receivers the fourth player tries to steal the ball.

An easy passing drill that you can use is called the dizzy passing drill.  This is done in order to help improve netball skills such as passing speed and the proper way to pass the ball.  This allows the coach to identify any improper techniques that need to be corrected or fixed.  It is important to work on passing in order to correct mistakes. If you spend all of your time practicing incorrectly you will not improve your netball skills.  That is why practice is so important.

You can use the see saw passing drill if you are interested in working on making appropriate hard passes.  This is a great drill to use if you need to work on foot speed and getting faster at the game.  This can also be a great drill to use if you want to improve your speed when you are changing directions on the court.  Many people become flustered when they are working on speed but if you take the time to practice this drill you can improve in this area.

If you are looking to improve netball skills related to shooting the ball there are a few things that you will want to remember.  First of all you will need to keep your feet shoulder width apart.  The ball should also be on located on your fingers.  You do not want it to be located on the tips of your fingers or resting flat in the palm of your hand.  Practice holding the ball on your fingers.

Another thing to remember is that you do need to aim the ball before you shoot it.  It is best to aim for the front of the ring, in the middle of it.  This is best and focusing on that location can help you improve your shot.  You should never shoot the ball without aiming for that location.  When you shoot without aiming you are only setting yourself up to fail and you will most likely miss the shot.