Negative Body Language

Top 15 Signs Of Negative Body Language

Negative body language can tell much more about you than perhaps you want it to, especially if you are speaking with a superior of if you are in a job interview.  Your body has the ability to exhibit how you actually feel without you even saying a word.  Some gestures that you make project a positive message while others are perceived as exactly the opposite.  Below are the top 15 signs of negative body language to try to avoid doing.

  1. Checking Your Nails – Glancing at your fingertips or even a watch, shows a strong sign of boredom and that you are not interested in what someone else is saying or what is going on around you.
  1. Narrowing Your Eyes – This is one of the clearest negative body language signs to interpret as dislike.  When you narrow your eyes, your face automatically looks angry.  Try looking in the mirror at yourself when you do this and then you will see why you are perceived as negative.
  1. Fake Smile – There is nothing worse than a fake smile and if you think people can't tell the difference, they can.  When you really smile, there are natural wrinkles that form around your eyes and your entire facial expression changes.
  1. Crossing Your Arms – This is one of the most common types of negative body language and it is the ultimate sign of being defensive.  Of course, this is also the easiest thing to do if you want someone to leave you alone or to let them know that you are not interested.
  1. Finger And Toe Tapping – This usually indicated impatience, boredom or stress.
  1. Fidgeting With Small Objects – If you fidget with a pen, pencil, ball, keys or anything else that will fit in your hand, it is usually a sign of anxiety or it can display the message of being unprepared.
  1. Blinking Rate – Believe it or not, when you increase your blinking rate, it is a sign of anxiety or being nervous.

  1. Facing The Wrong Way – If you are facing in a direction other than the person that you are talking to, it can indicate a lack of interest or discomfort.  Always make an effort to face toward someone when you are talking to them, especially someone important.
  1. Hands On Your Hips – This negative body language sign is usually interpreted as anger, superiority or an attitude.
  1. Touching Your Face – Interestingly, if you touch your face, especially your nose, it is a sign of deception.  Additionally, if you cover your mouth, it offers the impression that you are lying.
  1. Close Talker – Unless you are really good friends or intimate with someone, never invade their space when you are talking.  There is an invisible line that should only be crossed with certain people.
  1. Purse Or Briefcase Position – Never hold a purse, briefcase, portfolio, lunch or anything else directly in front of you when talking to someone as it can be perceived as trying to hide behind something.  Whenever possible, hold items off to the side unless your hands are completely full.
  1. Lint Picking – If you are picking lint off of your clothes during a conversation it is a sign of disapproval or boredom.
  1. Chin Stroking – This is a common negative body language sign often used in movies by someone of significant power or arrogance.  It typically offers the idea that you are either judging the other person or what they are saying.
  1. Posture – It is always easy to tell a confident person in a room full of people by the way that they stand.  When you round your shoulders and slouch over, you offer a suggestion of how you really should be treated.  Proper posture with your shoulders back and head up demands respect.