Natural Roach Killer

Looking For A Natural Roach Killer?

A natural roach killer has the advantages of not poisoning your pets or family members, as some chemical insecticides are capable of doing, yet still doing a job on cockroaches.  A natural roach killer is often no more expensive than a commercial chemical insecticide, and there are even some very effective roach killers you can make yourself.



Know Thine Enemy - Roaches spread disease, and generally can make a nuisance of themselves although they mostly come out of hiding at night or when you're not looking. They've inhabited the earth for millions of years, far longer than many other species, which if nothing else indicates they're not easily killed off. They will eat almost anything, which can give some clues as to what in the way of bait might be effective in disposing of them (probably anything that tastes good to them). Although we usually think of the cockroach as a filthy insect, and is in the sense it spreads disease, the little creatures actually spend a good deal of time grooming themselves to try to keep clean. This means that any substance that will stick to their body and is toxic might help eradicate them.

Oils From Vegetation - There are some natural roach killer products on the market, so-called green products, that are harmless to people and pets, don't pollute the environment, but are deadly to cockroaches. Some of these products consist of sprays or powders based on natural ingredients such as hexa-hydroxyl, an unscented plant oil, citrus oils which can kill insects on contact, and pyrethrins, which are derived from chrysanthemum blossoms, which in concentrated form will kill off roaches and other insect pests fairly swiftly. Not only do pyrethrins kill cockroaches, but their presence will drive the insects out of their hiding places. Thus, if you have a cockroach infestation it can be possible to find their hiding places, something that normally can be quite difficult to do.

Diatomaceous Earth - Diatomaceous earth is effective against not only cockroaches but many other insects. If you're into fossils, a pinch of diatomaceous earth contains hundreds, if not thousands of them. Diatomaceous earth is comprised of diatom fossils. Diatoms are, or were, single-cell organisms which have very sharp, glass-like edges. Spread as a dust, diatomaceous earth will cling to the bodies or exoskeletons of roaches (and other insects), cutting through the skeletal tissue and causing the insect to dehydrate. In grooming themselves, cockroaches will ingest some of the diatoms, which will do the same job inside the insect. As efficient as the diatoms are as killing machines, their microscopic size means they pose no danger to humans or pets.

Boric Acid - Boric acid acts on cockroaches much the same way as diatomaceous earth. Effective use of boric acid as a natural roach killer involves spreading a thin layer of it, a very thin layer, in areas where cockroaches tend to frequent. The layer of boric acid powder should be so thin as to be barely perceptible to the human eye. As such, the layer of boric acid will cause no problems to people or pets, but will wreak havoc with cockroaches. As cockroaches walk through it, the dust will adhere to the legs and antennae, and begin to damage the exoskeleton. In grooming itself, the cockroach will ingest the boric acid, and usually within 72 hours will die of dehydration.

Wasps And Geckos - There are other ways to rid your home of cockroaches. Even though they are rather hardy souls, cockroaches have their enemies. A great natural roach killer is a parasitic wasp, the Emerald Cockroach Wasp, which will paralyze a female cockroach and lay its eggs in her abdomen. A number of these wasps can eliminate a community of cockroaches fairly quickly, the problem being that once the roaches are gone, you're faced with having a houseful of wasps. These wasps don't sting people, but they are a better solution for outside or in an outbuilding. Geckos feast on cockroaches too, and if you have a pet gecko or two, you might consider letting them roam the house at night, a very natural roach killing solution.