Naive Person

Are You A Naive Person?

Most of us wouldn't like to be considered to be a naive person, yet most of us won't hesitate to share with others those times we've acted naively. In other words, even the best have their naive moments, and according so some, the best are often in some ways the most naive. And to admit naïveté is to admit we're not perfect, a noble admission.

When we meet a naive person, we're sometimes torn between the impulse to take advantage of them and the impulse to protect them. Usually, we simply find them enjoyable to have as companions, even if we're guilty of feeling a little smug and superior at times.

The Difference Between Not Knowing And Being Deficient In Wisdom - There are several definitions of a naive person, one of which is a person who is "deficient in worldly wisdom, or informed judgment" (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary). In more contemporary terms, we often refer to a naive person as someone "who doesn't have a clue". That might suggest that whenever we face something unfamiliar, we suddenly become naive, but that's not the case. There's a difference between not knowing what to do, a situation we find ourselves in fairly often, and not knowing (or caring) that we don't know what to do. Put another way, a naive person is blissfully uniformed, which can at times be a blessing.

The naive person often doesn't see danger, and while that could make him or her more vulnerable, the naive person is generally a happier person. On the opposite side of the fence is the person who sees danger everywhere, or is at least always ready for it should it suddenly crop up. That person is always prepared, trusts no one, and is not often all that happy.

Not Thinking Things Through - The naive person doesn't believe everything he or she is told, with the possible exception of very young (and trusting) children. Naive people aren't by definition stupid, but they do tend to believe what they want to believe or feel they should believe. Such people are usually not deep thinkers. They may be quite intelligent in most ways, in fact may even exhibit genius in some respects, but in certain areas they just don't bother to think things through. A naive person will, when traveling to a foreign country, not realize that he or she is actually the foreigner, and may be taken by surprise when the menu in a restaurant is unintelligible, wondering why it isn't in English.

Naive, But A Bit Sneaky - Sometimes a naive person can be a very clever person. This seems to be more the case with women who realize that men tend to think a little naïveté in a woman is cute, plus men are less apt to feel threatened by a girl who is sweet, innocent, and a little naive, though most men don't particularly care for women who appear to be totally clueless with respect to everything. Obviously, there are men who are totally clueless as well. When a very naive man and a very naive women meet, it often sets the stage for a beautiful friendship.

A Naive Person, Or Just Being Naive? - For the most part though, we go through episodes of naïveté more so than behaving that way all of the time, and if you are calling someone naive, it's a little different than calling them a naive person, one who is indeed clueless with respect to most things most of the time. Being naive is a little like being good, bad, smart, and dumb. In most instances we are some of each at different times in different situations. We have our moments of true enlightenment (admittedly rarely) and our moments of hopeless naïveté (more often than we care to admit). Are you a naive person? Probably not, but you're very likely naive at times.