Mysterious Creatures

A List of Popular Mysterious Creatures

From Bigfoot to Ol’ Nessie, mysterious creatures have captured the imaginations of millions of people throughout the world. Whether it is because of the possibility of something supernatural, or simply a desire to truly be able to believe in childhood stories, people are simply fascinated with these odd creatures. Regardless of whether or not you are a believer, this article will serve to present you a few of the more popular mysterious creatures that have been sought after throughout the years.


What list of mysterious creatures could be complete without Bigfoot? Bigfoot legends and sightings have been around for decades, and people are even opening businesses that are dedicated to Bigfoot tours and expeditions.

These creatures, also referred to as yetis, yowies, sasquatches, and skunk apes, have been spotted from the very Northwestern America regions, all the way down to Florida, and even in some parts of Australia. The incredible thing is that the reported descriptions of the creatures are incredibly consistent with one another.

Reportedly, Bigfoot is approximately 7 – 8 feet tall and covered with long hair that is usually brown or auburn, although in cases of yetis the fur is white. These animals reputedly have a very strong and repugnant odor that is made all the more chilling by being accompanied by a piercing howl. As its name would suggest, the large frame of the animal is supported by abnormally large feet, of which several footprint castings have been made.


The Loch Ness monster, and other lake monsters, is certainly the most popular of the aquatic creatures that remain unproven. Described as resembling a large swimming dinosaur, these animals are reportedly very long in length, with a long neck and a horse-like head. They swim about some of the world’s deepest lakes and some people have turned in pictures of what they believe to be their fins and even their heads coming up out of the water.

Although many people scoff at the notion, scientists and researchers alike believe that if there is any truth behind the mystery of lake monsters, it is likely type of plesiosaur that managed to survive the ice age and has been living quietly and reproducing in large inland lakes.


Originating in Puerto Rico, chupacabra sightings have been popping up since the 1970s. The chupacabra, or goat sucker, reportedly attacks farmers’ livestock and kills them by draining their blood out from tiny incisions that it makes in their bodies.

Several people have claimed to see the creature, and samples of slaughtered animals have been researched and tested in labs. According to chupacabra spotters, the animal is about the size of a smaller monkey and hops around on its hind feet. It is also reported to have glowing red eyes and grayish skin. The mouth is what most people focus on though, being full of sharp fangs and having a long, forked tongue like a snake.



Made popular by the book and movie The Mothman Prophecies, the mothman was a creature that was spotted quite frequently over a 13 month span that began back in the fall of 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. It frequently was spotted on Silver Bridge, a chain suspension bridge in the town, and in January of 1967 the bridge collapsed, killing 46 people. Locals believe that the mothman was trying to warn people of the ensuing disaster.

Many sighting took place, and descriptions are all very consistent with one another. The mothman is described as being taller than a man with large wings can fold behind its back. Its eyes glow red in the dark, and it can reportedly make a loud screeching howl. Its skin is supposed to be gray and mottled, and witnesses claimed to have seen it launching straight up at approximately 100 mph.

In the original book detailing several reports made about the mothman, many people were quoted as believing the mothman gave them temporary precognitive powers, including the author. This would tie into the theory about it warning of the inevitable bridge collapse.