Muck Up Day Ideas

Top 15 Muck Up Day Ideas

There comes a time in every student's life that they will be looking for the wildest and craziest muck up day ideas to outdo the class of the previous year.  This is always a day of practical jokes, tricks and yes, things tend to get a little dirty, messy, sticky, wet and slimy!


What Is Muck Up Day?

If for some reason you haven't heard of muck up day, it is an unofficial celebration given to the last day of classes for final year graduating students of secondary schools.  In the United States, these events are known as senior pranks.  Planning and following through with any type of muck up day ideas has been banned at many schools to ensure that the graduates do not vandalize or commit any crimes.  These rules tend to just provoke more hostile behavior than if the students were allowed to carry out their pranks.

However, not all countries are as close-minded or paranoid and in other areas such as Australia and the United Kingdom, faculty gets involved and has a few muck up day ideas of their own.

Incidents such as vandalism, graffiti or causing anyone harm are dealt with strictly and may cause the individual to not be allowed to graduate or they may have the police called on them.  Below are the top 15 fun muck up day ideas that you should be able to get away with in most areas.

  1. Uniform – Altering uniforms at private schools is very common.  Many schools will even allow a free day of dress so students can wear whatever they want for the day.
  1. Water Guns – Using water pistols is quite popular however, make sure that they look like toys or else those that look like a weapon can land you in a great deal of trouble.  Also, only use water!  Adding dye to the water starts to lean toward vandalism because things can be stained and ruined.
  1. Bubble Bath – you probably don't want to get caught doing this one but putting bubble bath in toilets and urinals causes a lot of bubbles.  Hey, at least they get a good cleaning!
  1. Clocks – Hide all the clocks from all the classrooms.  This will require being on the good side of a janitor who can let you in either really early that morning or late the previous day. Be sure to hide them all someplace safe so you can't get in trouble for theft or vandalism.
  1. Vaseline – While in the past, Vaseline was commonly used on bannisters, due to accidents occurring, it now finds its place on door handles.
  1. Cling Wrap – Go in and cling wrap under the seat of all of the toilets.  Just make sure that all seniors know of your intentions.
  1. Parking – Have everyone get to school early and park in the teacher's parking lot.  Really pack your cars in there!  See how they like walking from the back of the student parking lot for a day.
  1. For Sale – Place for sale signs all over the school yard and on the school.
  1. Honey - Over the past few years, honey or syrup have taking the place of Vaseline on the railings.  Now, instead of slipping, everyone sticks.
  1. Faculty Cars – Place all of the teachers’ cars in for sale ads either online or in the newspaper with a phone number to the school.
  1. Chalk – One of the favorite muck up day ideas is to hide all of the chalk from all of the chalkboards.
  1. Padlock – If you are really sneaky, you can padlock security gates shut so no one can get in the  school in the morning.  Do not do this while people are inside because it is a fire hazard.
  1. Stripper – Order a stripper to the faculty lounge during lunch hour.
  1. Two Pigs – Let two pigs go in the school.  One will wear a number one and the other will display a number three.  The faculty will spend an entire day looking for the number two pig that isn't there.
  1. Slip and Slide – If you have a hill at your school, a favorite item with seniors seems to be to make a giant slip and slide.