Mole Deterrent

Your Mole Deterrent Guide

Finding an effective mole deterrent can mean the difference between a healthy, robust garden and a mangled mess.  Moles can be particularly difficult to prevent because of their ability to borrow under fences and outwit typical defenses and because they are nocturnal creatures.  You have several choices when it comes to finding the right mole deterrent.

Over the Counter Mole Deterrent

A helpful worker at your local home gardening store can direct you to a good chemical mole deterrent.  Several companies produce easy to use deterrents that you spray on your property in order to create a chemical barrier that should prevent most mole infestations.

Home Made Mole Deterrent

A less expensive method of mole deterrence is to create your own homemade version of deterrent.  It is actually pretty easy to do.  Several different recipes work.  The most effective involve caster oil.  Use four cups of water and just a touch of castor oil, detergent, and red pepper.

You apply this solution to area where you find evidence of mole activity—usually holes.  Get the ground soil around that area nice and wet first.  Then sprinkle the solution around the mole hole.  This will make the mole quite nauseous and is usually enough to send your furry little night time visitor to your neighbor’s yard.

Mole Traps

Mole traps are a little bit less efficient and require more labor on your part.  The basic idea behind most traps is to get the mole inside of a cage that snaps shut on them.  There are inhumane versions of this kind of trap that will injure or kill the mole but there are several down sides to these kinds of traps.  Not only will many neighbors look disapprovingly at your attempts to kill your mole, but also you may find that some traps do not completely kill the mole, which then can create a more serious problem.  A trapped, injured mole is not an easy creature to deal with and might not just make a ruckus and mess in your yard but could be a bit dangerous to approach.

The traps that just trap the mole are a bit of a mixed bag.  Some moles are smart enough to avoid these traps but even if you do trap the mole you will then need to drive them to another far off location and release them in that area, otherwise they will just come back to your garden.  This is a bit of a time consuming task.  In addition, many of us don’t like to have such a wild whining animal on a bit of a drive with us.

Underground Barrier

If you have a serious mole problem, you might even consider putting in an underground barrier.  This is both expensive and time consuming and should be a method of last resort when you have exhausted all other possibilities.


Remove Mole Food Sources

One final way that you might consider of getting rid of moles is to attack the reason why they are coming into your yard: earthworms and grubs.  If you treat your garden to remove their food sources, moles will go to where earthworms are more plentiful.  Speak to your garden store workers about possible ways of doing this.

General garden maintenance can also help.  Moles like gardens with tall grass that are nice and dark.  If you keep your garden well trimmed and install motion-detecting floodlights, many moles will be scared away to other less active and more poorly maintained places.

With persistence, one of these methods is likely to deter your nightly visits.  If none of them works individually then you might try them in combination.  Regardless of which you choose, they sure are more effective than sitting on your back porch night after night.