Mimolette Cheese

Information on Mimolette Cheese

Mimolette cheese may easily become your favorite once you have tried it.  It is orange in color and it is usually identified by its round shape when it is in its whole form.  When you taste it, you may notice that it has a fruit flavor as well as a nutty type flavor.   You may even notice a slight butterscotch flavor as you are eating it.  These flavors add together for an interesting but tasty experience.

In order for the mimolette cheeses to be considered properly aged they should be 18 months old. However, it can be consumed at four different stages ranging anywhere from three to twenty-four months.  It is a pressed cheese that is made from cow’s milk so if you are lactose intolerant you may not be able to enjoy its many flavors.

The mimolette cheese is going to need to be stored in a very damp cellar while it is aging.  It is going to need to be turned over from side to side every two weeks.  Individuals that work with cheese on a regular basis are going to understand the important of bushing the cheese every few weeks as well.  This is because the mimolette cheese is going to attract cheese mites that will often eat the cheese.  You are going to be able to see where the cheese mites have been because you will see little pits when you cut the cheese open.

If you purchase this cheese in its whole form you are going to realized that it may look like a cannonball.  You will also see that it is covered in a very hard rind that is brown in color but also has some of the orange colors of the cheese that comes through it.  This is going to need to be cut off of the cheese before it is consumed.  If you are going to be having a really large party you may want to consider purchasing an entire sphere of this cheese.  It can often weigh approximately 8 pounds.  Therefore, it would definitely feed a lot of people.

This cheese can be served a number of different ways.  You can add it to your cheese board for a wonderful presentation.  If you are having an elegant party you may want to serve it with wine.  This cheese is going to taste well with sherry, port or a fine dessert wine.  You may even ask the wine clerk what type of wine they would recommend with mimolette cheese.  You also have the option to slice this cheese into cubes and place it in a salad.  This can be a great flavor for a unique salad.  Because of all the flavors found in the cheese, you may be able to leave other fruits and nuts off of the salad and replace them with the cheese.

This cheese may be difficult to find in your area.  You may need to look online in order to find a specialty store that has it.  You may be able to place orders online for your cheese and have it sent to you.  Pay attention to cost because you are going to pay for it to be shipped as well and it is very heavy.  If you are not interested in having it sent to you, you may want to ask the store if they can tell you where you can buy it in your area.  They are going to be able to tell you where it is distributed.  If they can not tell you specifically, they will be able to point you in the right direction.  If you enjoy cheese and wine, you are going to want to but the effort into finding it.  It will be worth the hard work in the long run.