Microwave Broccoli

Microwave Broccoli Helps You Make a Quick Healthy Meal

Using microwave broccoli can help you include this healthy vegetable in more meals throughout the week. Broccoli is one of those versatile vegetables that work just as well in a salad as a casserole.  While not difficult to prepare, with today’s hectic schedule, ever minute counts.

Instead of having to dirty another pan to prepare cooked broccoli, microwave broccoli provides a time saving solution.

Prepackaged Options

There are some frozen broccoli choices that were packaged specifically to be cooked in the microwave. Typically, the package serves as a steaming bag, so preparation is as simple as taking the package from the freezer and tossing it in the microwave.

The only thing to be careful about is the possibility of added ingredients. Check the label carefully for added salt and other ingredients that can turn your potentially healthy broccoli into something less than good for you.

The worst offenders are the prepackaged broccoli that includes some type of sauce or cheese. These are almost always heavy on the salt and sometimes loaded with fat.

Choose instead broccoli that is plain and then you can add your own healthier spices and toppings.

Regular Frozen Broccoli

Regular frozen broccoli can also be prepared simply in the microwave. Just transfer the desired amount to a microwave safe bowl and cook at about 80% power until the broccoli is of the desired tenderness.


The moisture already present in the frozen broccoli will help to cook it properly without you having to add any more water.

If you want to add spices or cheese, do so toward the end of the cooking process. For cheese, you can even add it when the broccoli is fully cooked and the allow it to sit for a minute until the cheese melts.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to look for plain frozen broccoli rather than the choices with added sauces and other flavorings.

Plain frozen broccoli is just as nutritious as fresh as long as there are not a lot of additives.

Fresh Broccoli

There is a simple way to turn fresh broccoli into microwave broccoli as well. Simply wash the broccoli as you normally would. Place a few tablespoons of water in a microwave safe bowl and then add the broccoli.

Microwave on high until the broccoli is of the desired tenderness. The time needed to cook will depend on the strength of the microwave and the amount of broccoli you are cooking.

Add any cheese or sauce after the broccoli is cooked. You will need to drain off any water that is left in the bowl before adding the sauce or cheese.

Once the broccoli is cooked it can be added to any recipe or served as a side dish.  If serving as a side dish, you can serve in the same bowl that you used to cook the broccoli in. That means less clean up.

Microwave broccoli can save you a few steps in your meal preparation. These days, every saved step counts!