Mermaid Facts

All About Mermaid Facts

The mermaid is a character that is half human and half fish but there are other interesting mermaid facts. Although mermaids are thought to be women, the first mermaid was actually a man. His name was oannes and he was considered a God. He lived in Babylon and was thought to be half man with a fish's tail. But according to mermaid facts, he had a fish head and tail but he also had a human head and feet underneath the fish covering.



When the stories began, women were bird like sirens. They were known for their exceptional singing voices and depending on the author there were originally 2 to eleven of these creatures. The next females to be recognized were sea nymphs. There were 50 of these creatures and they were offspring of Nereus and Doris. Nereus was known for predicting prophecy and he was also known for changing forms.  He could walk around on land and he had the ability to grow a fish tail and swim in the sea.

Aphrodite and Venus were Goddesses that were associated with the sea. Aphrodite was born in the sea and her name means foam born. Typhon was another sea related God and he attacked Olympus. This scared the other Gods and Goddesses, so they fled to Egypt. In order to hide from this angry God, the frightened Gods and Goddesses changed form and these forms were animals. The Goddess Aphrodite turned into a fish.

This is how the first stories of mermaids originated and the mermaid facts followed. The first mermaids were actually male and they were thought to be beautiful siren type creatures that lured fishermen with their voices. They were overpowering and charming and if a group of fishermen followed these creatures, they were lured to their death.

There has been quite a few recorded mermaid sightings. In 1493 a fishing vessel documented that they had seen a mermaid. It was not beautiful but it did have a half human half fish body. It was said that this mermaid had long black hair and extremely white skin. At first they thought they she was actually human, until she swam away showing her long fish like tail.

In St. Augustine at the Ripleys believe it or not museum, they had a mummy like figure that was half human and half fish on display. It was also not considered beautiful but it was considered scary. It had witch like hair and pointy claw like fingers and fingernails. One of the most chilling features of this creature was its fangs that protruded from the lip area.

The old chilling tales of the mermaid have been replaced by the myth of beautiful creatures that roam the sea. This is true of many Hollywood movies that portray the mermaid as a sexy sought after creature. In the movie Splash starring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks, the mermaid has long blonde hair and is perfect in every way but it could not permanently live on the land. In this movie, the mermaid could actually dry off her legs and her fins would disappear. She also had an unusual type of voice that could shatter glass. Ariel is a Disney character that is consistent with the mermaid facts and beliefs. She is considered a princess of the sea and is highly regarded by many children.

Mermaids have been portrayed in movies and the myths surrounding the mermaid are fascinating to say the least. Just like any other creature like big foot or the loch ness monster, the mermaid is a myth that we all like to believe in.