Memorial Day Getaways

Memorial Day Getaways Can Take You Most Anywhere

Travel agencies feature a number of Memorial Day getaways each year, and in many if not most cases, there are some very appealing destinations involved. The irony is, the vacation itself usually is not focused on Memorial Day, and most destinations will be offering the same sights and events on Memorial Day as would be offered on most any other day of the year.

A Good Time To Travel - Memorial Day is looked upon by many as simply being the opening salvo of the forthcoming summer season, which will continue until things start closing up after Labor Day. Choices for Memorial Day getaways are limited for many families, as the kids usually are still in school, but that doesn't mean a mini vacation can't be taken closer to home. Empty-nesters however will find Memorial Day weekend, and the days surrounding it, a good time to get out and visit someplace new. Many like to travel in October, after school has started, the weather is still nice, and the roads are not so heavily traveled. Memorial Day is much the same, although in many parts of the country, the weather in late May can still be a little on the unsettled side.

Arlington And Williamsburg - For those who want to spend at least a part of the long weekend for what Memorial Day is intended for, there are always parades, visits to memorial parks and cemeteries, and to special events. One of the premier destinations for Memorial Day is Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, which on Memorial Day is indeed a very, very special place to be. Another destination for a patriotic-minded vacationer would be Colonial Williamsburg, where a Memorial Day ceremony takes place every year.

Big City Events - Many other cities have events on the holiday weekend, though the events are not necessarily tied to the meaning of Memorial Day itself. Seattle for example has a Folk Life Festival during the three days, which is growing larger and more well attended with each passing year. Milwaukee has a large parade, and has had a Memorial Day parade annually for nearly 150 years. It may have been called something else, or held for another reason at the start, since Memorial Day only dates back to 1866, when it was celebrated in various localities and not nationally. Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day, the name changing in 1882.

San Francisco does it up right during the weekend with many features including events at the Presidio and on Fisherman's Wharf, visits aboard naval vessels, and even a Civil War battle reenactment. Speaking of Civil War battles, those living in close proximity to various battlefield sites should check for special Memorial Day activities and events.

Visit The Parks - A good way to kick off the summer season is to visit one of the national parks. With the possible exceptions of Glacier National Park in Montana, and Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington, most parks will be free of snow, and visitors can explore most areas without drifts of snow blocking their way.

Finding Memorial Day getaways should usually not be any problem. The limiting factor would seem to be one of duration for families having children in school (although sometimes an extra day or two is a possibility). One can plan the getaway with Memorial Day serving as the centerpiece of sorts, or just use the holiday as an excuse to take what may be the first road trip of the year. Late May is a good time for fishing, and an almost perfect time to enjoy scenery, when so many plants are in blossom. See your travel agent, or just close your eyes, point to a spot on the map, and take off.