Meeting Someone Online

Advantages and Disadvantages of Meeting Someone Online

Finding that special someone used to be a matter of attending to social events, but an increasing number of people are now turning to technology; meeting someone online is becoming a popular means of finding a partner.  There are, as can be expected, both advantages and disadvantages for these types of interactions.

Advantages for online relationships

Traditional dating is normally a slow process that enables two people with a single spark of interest learn more about each other in an attempt to fan the spark into a flame.  Spending more and more time together provided more insight as to how the other thought, believed, acted and felt.  If compatible, the relationship would continue to advance with marriage to follow.  As we all know by the statistics of divorce in the United States today, traditional dating and getting to know one another doesn’t always end up happily ever after.

Striking up a relationship on the internet opens a great many doors than traditional dating, which is often geographically confining.  Online dating means that you have a greater pool of individuals from which to choose, with no boundaries to fetter a burgeoning relationship.  Maybe your Ms. or Mr. Right lives in Spain, or Ecuador or Japan, in which case the opportunity to meet them simply by chance is nonexistent.  On the internet, however, these possibilities and more await any individual who seeks a relationship.

For some inexplicable reason, many people find it easier to communicate with someone when they are not face to face.  Being face to screen sometimes seems surreal, and it is easier to open up and reveal personal information to the computer than to a live person sitting across a table.  It may seem less of a risk to allow someone to know your innermost thoughts when the chance of actually meeting the individual at the other end of the internet is remote.  Often, people find they can be more daring online; revealing secret desires and thoughts becomes easier when the risk of rejection is lessened.

Disadvantages for online relationships

There are numerous reasons that meeting someone online can prove to be a detrimental interaction.  First, there is no way to know how truthful the other person is being with you.  It isn’t always single people who are seeking online companionship.  Many people find the idea of having a virtual affair to be very exciting.  They may not be revealing all of the details of their life, such as their devoted spouse or children.  While one individual in the relationship can be falling deeply in love, the other is simply indulging a fantasy.

Another aspect with an online companion is that it can be very difficult to bring the relationship to a more personal level.  If one individual lives in North America and the other lives in Africa, one would need to sacrifice their homes and family to relocate and be with the other.  If a move did take place, and with no guarantees that the relationship would work, an individual could find himself all alone in a foreign land with no family or friends to support them.

Most importantly, an increasing number of people are becoming more and more involved with “ghost dating” and less and less as a participant in real life.  Losing the ability to communicate with other individuals on a personal basis is a real threat for some who spends endless hours in front of their computer as they attempt to reach out across the country and beyond, hoping that meeting someone online will be in their future.   It is hoped that those using the computer to reach out for companionship will consider both the advantages and disadvantages, and be able to find a healthy balance between reality and virtual relationships.