Medieval Superstitions

Looking into Medieval Superstitions

Interestingly, some of the things people are wary of today actually came out of medieval superstitions.  During the Middle Ages, Medieval England was ruled by strong religious beliefs but also myths and superstitions.  While some of these seem interesting, others are just weird but regardless, whether true or not they are a part of history to be appreciated and respected.




We wanted to provide you with a look into medieval superstitions that most people still talk about or conduct research on to find out more information.

With so many additional medieval superstitions, legends and beliefs were adopted all over the world that still exists.  Many of these superstitions involved some form of religious reference, perhaps associated with incantations, medical spells, potions, and more.  Since religion was at the heart of peoples’ lives at this time, this would be expected.  However, with the level of knowledge that people have today, it is quite interesting that so many still believe the exact superstitions from long ago, or variations or those superstitions.