Medieval Sports

Interesting Facts About Medieval Sports

Medieval sports played a significant role in everyday life in the Middle Ages.  The people of the era enjoyed many holidays and gatherings where sports and games were fun and competitive for individuals of all ages however, other activities were engaged in by some as more of a struggle for power or to catch the eye of a certain lady.



Most medieval sports played throughout this time were targeted toward improving and showing off the fighting skills of men.  In the Middle Ages, life was ran by feudalism which demanded an exchange of military services for a piece of land.  The king required soldiers who were to be trained by the lords.  It was imperative that these knights had exceptional fighting skills so many sports were created to increase fitness and serve as weapon practice.

Sporting Contests

Feudalism is often described as being a pyramid of power.  Everyone had an opportunity to move up in rank which was always a goal for men of nearly every level, other than the kings. A knight who could prove that he was successful at jousting or valiant in battle could become quite wealthy.  His importance would increase, as would his land and he could join nobility.  A simple peasant who had the skills to excel in medieval sports could win a purse and create a reputation which would increase his value and then his quality of life would improve.

Types Of Medieval Sports