Mascara Tips

A Few Useful Mascara Tips

By following just a few mascara tips any woman can be on her way to those sexy eyes in no time at all. One of a woman's worst make up blunders is usually when applying mascara. If your mascara looks clumpy, caked on, or resembles a spider or a raccoon in any way it is likely that you are applying it incorrectly. Let's take a look and see how it should be done.

How to apply mascara

When you are putting on your mascara it is important that you follow a few simple mascara tips.

First: start on the left side of your lashes and just apply a gentle swish of the brush working towards the right side of the lash. You want to get as close to the roots of your lashes as possible to add length. This is contrary to what many women think, believing that applying to the tips is the key. Apply the mascara by gently pulling up and through the lashes. Try applying a bit of mascara on top of your lashes by simply closing your eye, one at a time of course, and lightly brush a light top coat. Keep in mind that this should only be done if you have a mascara wand that cooperates.

Avoid clumping

If you have a tendency to end up with clumping mascara, then understand that it is easier to prevent the clump as opposed to eliminating them. Prevention is key here. Each time that you put your mascara wand into the tube of mascara, wipe it off a little on a piece of tissue to remove any clumps before you apply. Also, it is perfectly fine to recycle if you happen to run across a mascara wand that you simply love. Keep it! Make sure that you take every precaution of cleaning it to avoid any eye infections but once it is clean and had a chance to completely dry you are good to go! Another tip is to mix mascaras because some are designed to lengthen while others will thicken your lashes. So go ahead and add a coat of each but do so sparingly so you don't end up looking like you did so intentionally. Remember ladies...always get rid of the clumps!


Use some color

Remember that there are different colors of mascara for a reason. Many women never see past the colors and always stick to black when, in fact, for pale blondes, brown might be a much nicer option. Blue eyes can be extra noticeable when blue mascara is added and if your eyes happen to be brown why not add a coat of purple mascara for an added boost? Eyelash curlers are a must for every woman's make up bag. Using one will make your eyes look wider. A lot of women do not use an eyelash curler because they just don't know how to do so correctly. Here's a tip for you...heat it up first! This can be done is a matter of seconds by hitting your blow dryer on it for a couple of seconds and then making sure it is not too hot, curl those lashes! It does not matter if you curl them before or after you put on your mascara, it is a matter of preference but if you choose the latter, make sure your mascara is dry first.

A final word

A few final words about mascara tips...don't be shy about applying mascara exclusively to your bottom lashes because sometimes this is all that is needed. Use a mascara primer because it will separate any hard to separate lashes. Never apply a coat of mascara to your eyes as a second coat if the first one has already dried or you will be in for a big clumpy mess. Follow these mascara tips and you will have sexy and dramatic looking eyes that never look like you tried to overdo it.