Marriage Facts

Marriage Facts That Every Couple Should Know

Those looking for marriage facts and advice will have no shortage of seminars and books on the subject. Many of those books, however, overlook the most common sense marriage facts and advice in favor of more clinical sounding advice.

Here are some marriage facts that one might expect to get from a couple that has been married fifty or more years. Of course, every couple and every marriage is different, but some things are universal.

Marriage is Commitment

Is that statement blatantly obvious? You would think so, but it seems that more and more people do not think it is about commitment as much as they think it should be about feeling a certain way about their partner.

This may be one of the most debated of marriage facts.  People think they have the “right” to feel a certain way every day for the rest of their lives. The fact is that the head over heel, butterflies in your stomach kind of love simply isn’t going to last for the duration of a long marriage. There are some happy exceptions to this rule, but in general such feelings will ebb and flow.

What some couples do is choose to leave during the ebb in search of greener pastures. If marriage is truly about commitment, that means that you stick to it even when the feelings may not be at their strongest.

Problems Will Follow You

Some people leave their partner because of a specific problem, such as disagreeing about financing or having trouble getting along in general. Many remarry and most who do find that they experience the same problems with their new spouse.

Many have said that if they only had known that the problems would have followed them to their new marriage, they never would have left their first partner.

The fact is that marriage is hard. There are going to be problems in every marriage. Leaving one imperfect marriage to find a perfect one is a waste of time. ALL marriages take work.

Compromise is Key

If you cannot compromise about things in your day to day life, then you are not ready to be married. Remember that you will be sharing your home, your children and every aspect of your life with another person. If you cannot compromise, there is no way that it can work in any healthy way.

For some, this is one of those marriage facts that are a tough pill to swallow. Some people are just very used to getting their own way. This is true of small things, such as leaving dirty dishes in the sink to large things, such as choosing how to invest their money.

By learning to compromise, you will be allowing each partner in the marriage to have a voice and to feel an equal part of the marriage.

Among the more troubling marriage facts is that the divorce rate is over 50% and still climbing. There are many reasons for this sad statistic, but much of it can be attributed to the fact that the marriage vows do not mean as much as they once did.

That’s not to say that anyone should stay in an unhealthy or abusive marriage, but the fact is that’s not why most marriages end. Most end as the result of one or both partners not taking their commitment seriously and being unwilling to compromise.

You can choose whether you’ll be among the 50% of marriages that go the distance. Just get your marriage facts straight and decide what is really most important to you.