Mantras For Wealth

Can Mantras For Wealth Make You Wealthy?

Reciting mantras for wealth may or may not make you wealthy. Some believe that in reciting a mantra while meditating, a person will acquire the energy, knowledge, and desire to become wealthy, while others will argue it's totally up to the person, and reciting a mantra may or may not be helpful.

Problems We Have -  Westerners by and large are not used to, or comfortable with, reciting mantras, especially Sanskrit mantras which, even when translated, do not always seem to make a lot of sense. Even westerners however will recognize the value of a mantra in mediation. A mantra, repeated over and over again, can become somewhat addictive, and even if one does not subscribe the Hindu religion, and is uncomfortable reciting a mantra directed towards a Hindu God or Goddess, the mantra can affect the way the mind works, and reciting mantras for wealth can motivate a person to work towards that goal.

Another problem westerners can encounter in reciting mantras, even mantras for wealth, is that the proper meditative position according to Hindu beliefs is the lotus position, a physical position we haven't grown up using, and unless we learn to be comfortable with it by taking a yoga class for example, would rather try something else, not recognizing that the lotus position is an ideal position for meditation.

Further complicating matters is the fact that many if not most westerners seem to have little time for meditation, and if they do find the time, don't really know how to go about it without some instruction in the process.

Even though a mantra of Tibetan or Hindu origin may sound to us like speaking in tongues, it does of course have a meaning, and its repetition, especially when we understand the meaning, can have an impact on us, often a very positive impact.

Prayer Beads - At the risk of giving a possibly erroneous analogy, the Hail Mary recited in the Christian religion is in many respects similar to a mantra, since it is repeated over and over. This is an instance where prayer beads can come in handy. According to Hindu beliefs, mantras for wealth would have to be repeated daily, 108 times during each sitting, to be effective. If you've ever tried, while in a meditative, and therefore very relaxed position, to repeat something 108 times without losing count, you'd likely find it nearly impossible, or at least not possible to do with any consistency. Prayer beads in this sense, while called by that name, actually serve as counters, so you'll be able to tell when you've reached 108.

A Sanskrit Mantra For Wealth - One could start with one of the Sanskrit mantras for wealth "Om Shrim Maha Lakshmi Yei Swaha".  It is not a difficult one to remember, has a certain rhythm, and is directed toward the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi. The words Shrim and Swaha are vibrations that attract wealth and prosperity, and Maha means great.


English Mantras For Wealth - For the more secular minded, and who would prefer mantras in the English language, a very common one is "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better". Think of this repeatedly, perhaps several dozen times a day, maybe substituting "wealthier", for better. Other useful mantras for wealth might be - "The money I keep is more important than how much I make" or, Passion, dedication, and perseverance come first, the money will follow" and, "I can be whatever I want to be."

Take Them To Heart - The mantra then isn't simply a set of words with some magical power that works for you if you repeat it over and over again. The power in the mantra is believing in the mantra, whether it comes from some other source or you've created it yourself. A sign on your desk might be considered a mantra of sorts if you look at it often and take it to heart, but for mantras for wealth to really work, they should be recited (silently is fine) while in a meditative mood or position.