Lupini Beans

What is So Great about Lupini Beans?

Lupini beans are yellow seeds that come from the lupinus plant.  They use to be very popular with Romans.  Today, many people will enjoy them as a light snack that is often found in the pickled form.  There are many different variants of this bean and this article will briefly explain some of them.  You may even be tempted to try them, if you have not done so already.



The Andean lupin variety can only be consumed for eating if they have been soaked in salt water for several days.  These are usually much sweeter than other lupini beans.  In Germany, sweet lupini beans have been bread and they do not need to soak before they are prepared and eaten.  These beans are also becoming recognized as an alternative to soy in some areas.  Some of the lupini beans that are found in the Mediterranean are used to feed livestock.  However, it is very important to recognize that they can be harmful to livestock as they can be poisonous.

If you have never seen lupini beans you would not know that they are large and flat and they often look like an uneven coin that you may find in your home.  They have a yellowish brown color and they will also have a hole at the end of them.  They are actually a member of the pea family but they are not green and they are larger than a pea.  You may find them in salads or as a salted snack in various countries across the world.  They do require cooking in order to take the bitter taste out of them.  But, once they are cooked and salted they are wonderful.  If you purchase them at the store in the pickled form, which is also very popular, you will want to drain them and discard the liquid.  Once you have done this, you will simply place them in a bowl and enjoy.

Lupini beans are cooked differently by just about everyone that prepares them.  Many families in the Mediterranean areas have their own little secrets related to how to season them and prepare them so that they are enjoyable.  However, this article will briefly explain how to cook them so that you can begin to enjoy them in your own home.

You will begin by making sure that the lupini beans are washed and clean.  Soak them in water for one night.  The following day you will bring unsalted water and the beans up to a boil.  Turn the temperature down so that they can simmer until they start to turn a yellow color.  This is going to take about an hour.  Turn the water off and let them sit until the water cools down.  Drain and rinse them.  Now place them in water again and leave them to soak for three to five days.  You will want to watch the water.  Whenever there is a film on the top of the water, you will drain them and refill it for soaking.  Start tasting them after three days to make sure that they are no longer bitter.  If they start to taste sweet, it is time to eat.

There are a few simple things you can do with the lupini bean when it is ready to eat.  You can mix it is water, vinegar and salt and place them in the fridge to cool before eating or you can eliminate the vinegar and do the same thing.  Let them marinade and then enjoy.

This may sound complicated but if you have ever experienced their flavor you would agree that it is worth the trouble.  You can serve them in a salad or as a simple snack at a party.  Either way, people are going to enjoy these little beans just as much as you will.