Low Cost Advertising

Low Cost Advertising: Promoting Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

For many fledgling and smaller companies, low cost advertising may be the only way to garner public awareness of their services and products. In addition, in our current economic state, it may not be cost effective to produce and air television commercials, rent billboards, or designate radio air time if there is no guarantee of payoff.

Marketing strategists know, however, that there are several very effective low cast advertising techniques out there that can increase your profits and not put a dent in your budgetary books. These tips and techniques have been used by many smaller and lower budget companies to the delight of their monthly profit margins.

Freelance to the Rescue

Thanks to the internet, businesses are able to save thousands of dollars on press releases, logo design, promotional web content, turning all of these into low cost advertising boosts. Several websites are freelance hubs for out-of-work designers, writers, or simply stay-at-home moms that have experience in technical fields. Some of these sites will let you post a job (designing a logo for your company for instance) with a set budgetary limit. Any qualified and interested parties can then bid on your project and you can choose the most suitable and affordable candidate to help you out.

Small Investments That Go a Long Way

Never underestimate the power of business cards. Business cards are a great way to network and get you company, its name, and your logo out there on the market and floating around where others may come across it. While plain, white business cards may give an appearance of stoic professionalism, brightly colored glossy cards can really make a splash and catch a prospective customer’s eye. Regardless of whether you choose matte white or glossy and bright, bundles of 250 cards can be purchased online for under $20 if you look around.

Pens, fliers, and even letterhead in some cases may also prove to be a wise, but small investment for you and your company. Aside from lending your company an air of distinction and legitimacy, these are great promotional items for the public and can easily be distributed at job fairs, conventions, seminars, and even community get-togethers.

Talk Loudly at Your Local Library

Much to the surprise of most people, libraries are more than just buildings for books. Libraries serve the community and local businesses in many ways, including hosting free seminars by local businesses, historians, artists, and educators. This is a great way to take advantage of the one thing better than low cost advertising—no cost advertising. If your company provides a product or service, you can have your library host a free lecture or class led by you or one of your employees at zero cost. In addition, these libraries will usually advertise for you, and some will even set up a coffee and cookie bar for attendees as well as alert the local newspapers.

This is a win-win situation and a great way to make the public aware of your services. You can also use this opportunity to hand out fliers and pens with your company’s logo and contact information.


If you are blessed enough to live in a larger city, or at least within reasonable distance to one, you should take advantage of the networking possibilities. Many large cities host at least one business-related convention a year. Conventions are a great way to meet prospective buyers, suppliers, and customers. Bonus: you don’t have to rent a booth to schmooze these people. Take a stack of your business cards with you and be prepared to talk some business. You’ll be surprised how many connections you make and how much your business benefits from this low cost advertising.