Lipstick Stain Removal

Had a Wild Night? – Here Are the Top Lipstick Stain Removal Tips

It can happen anywhere- accidentally wiping your mouth with your brand new blouse, having a wild night with a gorgeous woman who left her mark on your shirt, or little Emma who simply wanted to re-decorate her wallpapers with mommy’s funny pens - lipstick stain removal can be a pain! For many decades, women have been wearing lipstick to enhance their make-up, leave a smudge on somebody’s cheek and ensure an irresistible smile. But what to do when the stuff is everywhere and simply won’t come off? There are certainly a range of commercial stain removers in store that can be tried out, but they are often expensive, do not work or damage delicate items due to their invasive agents.

Instead, try one of these home solutions from experienced stain fighters!

Who would have thought that shaving cream could work? This was most probably an experiment carried out by a man who wanted to cover something up- but it works!
Spray some cream on the stain and leave it for while before slowly rubbing it in. After this ‘pre-wash’, put it into the usual wash and the stain should be gone.

Seems like every household has a perfect lipstick stain removal aid right there in the kitchen: rub water and baking powder into the stain before machine washing it. The acidic ingredient aides to dissolve the stain, and a small amount of baking powder should also be mixed into your usual washing powder. Afterwards, dry the clothes in the sun which acts as natural bleach!

Pure alcohol and glycerine are powerful stain removers and very effective especially if the item cannot be washed in the machine (such as car seats). Simply put some pure alcohol or glycerine on a tissue or cotton ball and rub it into the stain, and rinse with water afterwards.

Lipstick stain removal is such a mission because it is an oil-based blemish and difficult to get rid of. One of the strongest agents to fight oil is soft soap which can be used as a pre-treatment for clothes, but can also be used on walls or carpets. Rub the soap in thoroughly and leave it for a while to soak in. Then rinse with clean water or put the item into the washing machine.

Especially on dishes, toys, floors and walls, salt can be a simple and effective stain remover. It can be mixed into a paste with vinegar and rubbed into the stain. Dishes can be cleaned much easier if they are pre-washed with a warm saltwater solution. Salt is most effective if the stain is fresh- if it is already dry, salt may not be the best solution.

Long-lasting lipstick can work for or against you: On the one hand it makes you look gorgeous all night, on the other hand it is even worse to remove than normal lipstick. If none of the above worked, take a little clean petrol and rub it out. Since nobody wants to visit a petrol station for that, you can also use the petrol-like liquid found in lighters which should be equally effective.

Remember that ‘rubbing’ in any case means a small circular movement because you want to avoid making the stain even larger. If none of the above works, you may want to try commercial stain removers, but they can also not guarantee a successful lipstick stain removal. Most of the time it is possible to get lipstick out of your clothes, but it may sometimes be too late and has dried or the colour is simply too strong.

In those cases you have very limited options, and if you are very desperate just cut the stain out, burn the item, or distribute more stains on the shirt claiming that it is ‘in’. Good Luck!