Leftover Roast Beef

What To Do With Leftover Roast Beef

Leftover roast beef should never be a problem, unless you have a ton of it, more than will fit in the freezer, or your friends don't want it. To many, the only thing that tastes better than leftover roast beef is the roast when it's just come from the oven. We're used to eating turkey sandwiches for a few days after Thanksgiving and ham sandwiches a few days following Christmas or New Years. It's no different with roast beef. If anything, there are more probably more uses for leftover roast beef than for either ham or turkey.

If you just have a few slices of leftover roast beef, using the beef for sandwiches is an obvious choice, although reheated the beef with gravy is fine for a next day treat. Roast beef tends to keep its flavor well, but the one thing you want to watch out for is not to let it dry out as it won't taste quite the same when that happens.

You don't by any means have to use it right away, especially if you have quite a bit of it. The best approach is to cut it into smaller chunks or into slices, depending on how you might plant to use it. Trying to freeze a half of a roast is a possibility, but the flavor will usually be better if smaller pieces are frozen.

A Favorite – Beef Hash - We've touched upon sandwiches as well as reheating slices, so how about another favorite, and that is beef hash. Here, you'll want to cube the beef, most easily done if first cut into rather thick slices. All you need for some great tasting beef hash are some beef cubes, cubed potatoes (partially precooked), and some onion. Sauté everything in a skillet, keeping the skillet constantly moving as you stir the mixture. Once the onions and potatoes have browned a bit the hash is ready to eat, as the beef cubes will also have been heated up sufficiently. Some beef hash lovers like to add an egg or two in the final minutes and let the egg cook to basically a sunny side up consistency.

Try A Mexican Dish - You can take your basic recipe for beef hash, and as you can see it really is basic, and add some chili peppers and/or salsa and go Mexican. Or, cut some very thin strips of leftover roast beef and include it in a taco salad, along with the greens, the salsa, and possibly a topping of sour cream or guacamole sauce.

Taco salad isn't the only choice of course, there are plain old tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chimichangas, and a host of other Mexican dishes. Melted cheese and cubed onions are often used in combination with beef in Mexican dishes.

Make Some Goulash - Other obvious choices are beef stew, where you'll either want to cube or grind the beef, small cubes seem to work best, beef stroganoff, and a favorite of many, Hungarian goulash. For the latter, you'll be combining cubes of leftover roast beef with diced onion, chopped garlic, peas and carrots. Peas are usually included in goulash but can be optional, but carrots are a must. Add a fraction of a tablespoon of dried mustard and whatever you do, don't forget to add Hungarian paprika. Some like their goulash in a bowl while others prefer to serve it over a plate of noodles.

Default – The Sandwich - So there you have it. For all practical purposes the number of uses for leftover roast beef is practically endless. All you really need to know is there's no law stating you have to limit the use of your leftovers to roast beef sandwiches, although with a bit of horseradish added they're hard to beat.