Landfill Facts

Some Interesting Landfill Facts

Landfill facts may interest you if you are interested in the environment and you are keeping an eye on the push to go green.  It is often difficult to determine what is truth and what is incorrect information when you listen do so many different reports.  Taking the time to learn more about landfills can help you make more informed decisions and take the steps needed to help develop a cleaner America.

First of all, it is important to keep in mind that the number of landfills has actually decreased over the years.  What is even more astounding is that these numbers have decreased by the thousands.  Actually, in 2005 there were only 1,654 landfills in the United States.  This was a decrease from close to 8,000 landfills.

While this may sound wonderful to many people, what is important to realize is that the landfills that are in existence are actually much larger than the ones that were once there.  It actually takes a lot more waste to fill the landfills to capacity than it did years ago.  So, in reality, are we really gaining anything?  That is something to ask yourself and ponder.

Other landfill facts revolve around consolidation.  Many landfills are starting to close because they are being combined, in a sense, and they are being replaced with larger landfills that are intended to be more friendly towards the environment and they are suppose to be safer.

If you think about landfill facts related to recycling then you have another view of the landfill business.  Americans are working towards recycling and doing more to save the environment.  Because of the steps that many people are taking, there is less waste that needs to go into the landfills.  Therefore, it really does not matter what the capacity of the landfill is because if we were all recycling and doing what we should for the environment, we would not need all of the space in the first place.

Steps have been taken over the years to help landfill employees get more waste into the landfills without needing to make them any larger.  When you research landfill facts you will find that they are not covering much of the waste with tarps or grass clippings rather than burying everything with large mounds of dirt that use to take up more space.  This helps save space.

While it is impossible to determine what changes are going to be made in the future, it is nice to hope that the number of landfills will continue to decrease.  When we think about landfills and what damage they may cause, we need to think about ourselves and our choices.  If you do not recycle on a regular basis and you have not made the effort to change the amount of waste you and your family produce, you really have no reason to complain about landfill facts  Finding safer and more efficient ways to save the environment should fall on everyone shoulders, not just the government.  Complaining about the solution is pointless if you are part of the cause.

There is so much information related to landfill facts and ways to go green available in today’s society.  When everyone has access to the internet it is easy to become proactive and take a stand.  Start finding ways to recycle and teach your children about the importance of doing the same.  Find out where local recycling centers are located and ask the owners what they would recommend.  Everyone has to start somewhere and a small step is still as step.  You get the same result, it just may take longer.