Kona Activities

Kona Activities: What to do in One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Some visitors aren’t too interested in a long list of Kona activities. Many who travel to the big island of Kona, Hawaii would be content to sit on the beautiful beach, sipping fruity drinks and staring out at the blue waves. However, for those who DO want something to do, Kona will not disappoint.

Here are just a few of the many Kona activities you could consider during your visit.

Visit a Volcano

Not everyone will be able to say that they walked less than a dozen feet away from the lava flow of a volcano. If you visit Kona on a day when the lava is flowing just right, you’ll be able to do just that. Visiting active volcanoes is an exciting and popular activity on the big island.

Swim with the Fishes

There are amazing snorkeling opportunities for everyone on Kona, even for those who are not comfortable swimming in water that is above their heads.  Choose a site based on your skill level (some are just three feet deep) put on your mask and explore the world that lives in the blue water surrounding the big island.

Take a Helicopter Tour

This is a great way to see all of Kona. Your guide will point out all points of important geography while you get a bird’s eye view of this amazingly beautiful place.

Whale Watching

Some of the best whale watching in the country is available around Kona. Many offer more than a chance to fleetingly see a whale. Some tours are true learning experiences with whale conservationists who care more about whales – and educating people about them – than they do about making money.

Become a Biker

If you’ve always dreamed of being a biker, you can have your chance while visiting Kona.  There are a few places in Kona where you can rent a Harley Davidson. Of course, you’ll need your motorcycle license in order to ride one of these bikes. Handlebar mustache and leather chaps are optional.

Go for a Ride in a Submarine

Riding in a submarine is probably on many people’s list of things they never thought they would get to do. But in Kona, you can tour the underwater paradise in a real submarine.  The 48 passenger submarine is air conditioned, so you’ll be very comfortable as the vessel descends 100 beneath the ocean’s surface.

The submarine tour is available alone or as part of a package featuring one or more of Kona’s other popular activities such as whale watching, snorkeling or many others.

The above list includes just a few of the many available activities. For those who like to eat (and who doesn’t?) the island offers a seeming endless supply of restaurants to try. There are beautiful golf courses and, at the right time of year, you can participate in or watch a marathon on the island.

Of course, any beach activity is available. Parasailing and paragliding are among the many choices.

One thing is certain: There are so many Kona activities that there is never a reason for a visitor to be doing nothing. Unless, of course, that is exactly what he wants!