Knife Fighting Techniques

Knife fighting techniques may be used by martial artist and military personnel.  These techniques are serious tactics that take a very long time to learn and use with flawless motion.  This article will explain some of the terms that are used related to knife fighting and briefly explained how some of the techniques are used.  Most likely, the individuals that are going to use these techniques are going to be martial artists and military personnel.  This is beyond street fighting and anyone interested in learning should fully understand this.

Something that is very important to keep in mind is the way that you need to hold the knife if you are going to be using it for fighting.  It is important to remember that you are not going to hold the knife like you would if you were cutting your dinner. You will want to have your thumb on the blunt side of the blade and hold tightly.  This will ensure that when you hit your target, you are not going to lose grip.  The knife will not slip and cause you injury.  You should also be concerned with your footing as well.  You are going to want to keep your foot forward and your left foot will remain behind.  You will want to keep your left heel up so that you are ready to move quickly.

A slashing technique is often by marines as a way to distract the person they are facing.  They will most likely attack the limbs of the person but if they need to, they will go for any part that is available to them.  One type of slashing technique is the vertical slash.  When the person uses this, he or she will cut the person straight down in a vertical way.

When you are involved in a knife fight you want to cause damage or trauma to the other person.  Because you are trying to cause harm, you may want to use a thrusting technique while you are fighting.  This is going to cause more damage than the slashing techniques.  However, you are most likely going to use both.  You will use the slashing in order to get closer to your enemy so that you can use the thrusting technique.

Knife fighting is not something that can simply be done effectively.  In order to learn proper knife fighting techniques you are going to want to enter into some type of training.  This is very important to avoid being injured.  People who are knife fighting are generally trying to harm the other person.  This type of fighting should not be entered into lightly because you can become seriously injured.  It is not enough to simply read a book about this topic or research it online.  There is so much that goes into this type of fighting that you really need to have some type of consistent training.  You will need to learn what type of knife is best for you and why, how to stand correctly, and how to move around appropriately.  You are also going to need to learn how to control the knife and what each technique means as well as practicing how to execute it appropriately.

People who use knife fighting techniques have practiced these for a very long time.  They did not just wake up one day and begin fighting.  You must find a positive and effective teacher.  Find someone who is going to be honest with you and help you understand fully what you are doing wrong and what you are doing correctly.  You need this honesty to fight correctly and avoid injury to yourself.