Killing Slugs

Helpful Tips for Killing Slugs

For most people, the sight of slugs is bad enough and then considering that these nasty creatures can do significant damage to the garden and flowerbed, it becomes obvious that killing slugs is warranted.  The problem is that while some people try to simply move slugs or use organic or nonlethal solutions, they always seem to come back.  For this reason, slugs, along with snails are often killed as a means of control.

Now, when it comes to killing slugs, one of the best options is to use an organic method.  That way, the garden or flowers would not be damaged or introduced to dangerous chemicals yet the problem of slugs would be eliminated.  Keep in mind that slugs love any type of juicy lettuce leaves, as well as overturned orange skins.  Therefore, if you lease these food items in the area where the slugs are a problem around dusk, you could then put them in a bag and burn them, flush them down the toilet, or even decapitate them.  While this method of killing slugs sounds cruel and gruesome, again for many this is the only way to get rid of them.

You could also use a beer trap for killing slugs.  This is actually a very easy method and one that works quite well.  All you need to do is dig several holes in the dirt around the problem area about five inches down.  Then, pour just enough beer out so it is about one inch from the top and then set the cans of opened beer into the holes, which would then attract the slugs.  By having the beer lowered, the slugs would be able to crawl inside with ease.  However, once the slugs get inside the cans, they literally become drunk and drown.  Most people agree that this organic method of killing slugs is the most humane.

Another organic means of killing slugs that works well is by using nematodes.  While there are a number of options, those that can be placed directly into the soil seem to be the most effective.  In addition, nematodes in the soil actually targets a larger number of slugs so if you have a serious infestation, this method would be the ideal choice.  The only problems in killing slugs this way is that for the method to work, the soil would need to be somewhat warm and kept moist.  Additionally, this particular solution is somewhat expensive.

If preferred, you can visit your local hardware store, home improvement store, gardening center, or nursery to purchase commercial slug pellets.  Many people prefer this route of killing slugs because the pellets are cheap to buy, they are easy to use, and they provide the wanted results.  The one downside is that these pellets are made with chemicals.  While the chemicals are not overly harmful to the garden or flowerbed if placed far enough away, if a cat, dog, bird, rabbit, or some other animal were to eat any of the pellets, they could become seriously ill or even die.

Although we agree that in most cases killing slugs is the only way to get rid of the problem, you may prefer other solutions.  For one thing, you could try to place sharp pieces of eggshell around the garden, plants, or flowers to help discourage the snails but obviously, for a large area this would be extremely difficult.  Now, if you have potted plants that have been affected by slugs, you could always place a ring of petroleum jelly around the base of the pots to keep the slugs from climbing into the pots.