Kill Gnats

How to Kill Gnats

Gnats are among the most annoying of insects, right up there with mosquitoes and black flies, so if you have them in your home, your main goal is going to be to kill gnats. One of the worst things about gnats is that they invade your home in swarms. They can be inside or outside but are definitely the most bothersome when they get inside.

Visually, most people cannot tell a gnat from a fruit fly and both are just about as irritating. Leave out a potato peel for fifteen minutes and there can be a swarm of gnats surrounding it. If they find your garbage can or any food uncovered, you will have an army of gnats in no time. When this happens you have to focus on how to kill gnats and have a plan of attack.

In your efforts to kill gnats, it is best not to use toxic pesticides. If you have children or pets around you want to be especially careful about not leaving out any chemicals or spraying with any chemicals that could make them sick. Children and animals spend more time on the floor and you never know what they might get into.

There are many ways to kill gnats by just using common household substances. For instance, soapy water is an excellent way to kill gnats and lots of other bugs. Fill some bowls or cups with soapy water and then lure the gnats into them. Add vinegar to the soapy water and that will attract the gnats. Any kind of sugar mixture will also attract gnats.

Another way to kill gnats is to spray them while they are in the air with just about any kind of chemical. Anything from hair spray to no-stick pan spray to WD-40 will kill gnats. Just open up the windows and spray away. Just adding vegetable oil or vinegar to water and spraying it into a swarm will kill gnats.

There are many herbal sprays you can buy which will get rid of gnats as well. Some may have peppermint oil as an ingredient. This is considered organic and will not harm anything besides the insects.

All gnats care about is eating and making more gnats. If you have a place they can find food and a place they can breed, the gnats are going to make themselves right at home. Gnats can live up to four months and produce hundreds of more gnats during their lifetime.

Gnats love garbage so make sure that you do not have open garbage anywhere. Just leaving a banana in a fruit bowl until it gets too ripe will attract gnats and fruit flies. If gnats can get into garbage bags or cans they will be in heaven because they can feed and breed. Gnats like water and moisture so they can also be found in the scum you find in drains. Keep all of your sinks and drains clean and scum free.

A sink full of unwashed dishes left in the heat of summer is going to attract gnats as well. Anywhere there is food left on a plate, a gnat can find it. There is also another type of gnat that is attracted to houseplants. If you over-water your plants, a fungus gnat will can start to feed off the fungus that feeds on the moisture. They can breed in the soil of the plant. Be careful not to over-water your plants. If your plants do attract gnats you can kill gnats by spraying them and the leaves and soil with soapy water. Dishwashing detergent works the best.

If you keep your house and yard very clean and put all garbage in bags and cans, sealed tight, you should not have a gnat problem. If you do something which is attracting gnats, you can kill gnats with any of the techniques mentioned above.