Jobs That Require Travel

A Sampling Of Jobs That Require Travel

Jobs that require travel, especially travel around the world can not only be interesting and exciting, but often pay well also. Not all do of course, and it's certainly possible to be stuck in some God-forsaken place with a bum job and on a one or two year contract. The first rule, before you even start looking, is to know what you're getting into.

Not Always As Advertised - A trip to Hawaii sounds great. Fly over on a Sunday, spend 5 days on an assignment, and fly back the following Saturday morning. Guess what, if you're busy working, there won't be any beach time. The sun comes up around 6 AM and sets around 6 PM most every day of the year. So your time off is going to be during the dark hours. Not all it cracked up to be. That can happen, but of course is an exception.

Do a little digging though and there are all sorts of possibilities. In some jobs the work itself is very rewarding and something you'd be happy doing no matter what the location. In other situations, the work is tolerable but where you're situated is simply a super place. Really, the only things you have to be concerned about is having the necessary background and skills for a particular job, having the desire, and recognizing that for the really good jobs, there's going to be competition.

Flying - Unless you're an experienced pilot, you might settle for an airline attendant's position. This of course requires a period of training, so the first step is simply to apply. It's a given that you're unlikely to be able to pick your destinations right away, that comes with seniority. But if you like to see different places, work well with people, and like to fly, a position in the airline industry is well worth a look.

Sailing - If you'd rather sail than fly, check out the cruise lines. As a member of the crew you'll be plenty busy, but will eventually be able to get off the ship in port and see the sights, plus the scenery along the way is free. Again, if you enjoy meeting people, a cruise ship attendant can be a nice job.

You might think that overseas assignments are handed out only to the elite personnel in a particular company. It's true the first trip to an exotic location usually involves management. They have to "check things out" of course before giving an assignment to one of the underlings. No matter, if you have the skills that are needed for a particular assignment, you can usually count on getting it. If a software expert is needed in Rio de Janeiro, you might be the perfect fit. Speaking the language doesn't hurt of course but isn't always a necessity

Being Willing To Travel Is A Plus - Facing facts, the better assignments will usually go to professionals or skilled technicians, or simply to people with lots of expertise in a given area. Bear in mind though that in any company, there are usually many more people who don't want to travel, at least not on a regular basis, than do. So if you really enjoy traveling, that can be a plus in your favor for certain assignments. An import-export firm may hire a person who is willing to travel, but though inexperienced, is willing to learn the job through a hands-on approach. A really experienced staff member might rather stay at home, and be more than happy to act as your mentor.

Shoe Leather Required - It's like looking for any job. You have to start looking, and you may have to send out a hundred resumes and make 200 phone calls before finding what you want. Life is like that, especially in today's world. But jobs are there. Look up job directories on the Internet, where you can contact a company directly. No need to go through a middle man. If the promises seem extravagant, beware! If a job is all that good, it would have been filled long ago.


Beware Of Scams - Speaking of jobs that require travel that sound almost too good to be true, always be on the lookout for scams. Stick to well-known companies if you can, though even some of these can have representative who will not be completely honest with you. In the old days, someone would simply hit you over the head, and you'd wake up on a sailing ship, a new member of an overworked and poorly fed crew. Today it's more a matter of being stuck in a place you'd rather not be, doing a job that is different than promised, at a pay level lower than advertised.

Keep Your Wallet Closed - Another Thing. Never pay someone a fee to find a job for you. Finding jobs that require travel are no different than finding any other jobs. If you go to an employment agency, they shouldn't charge you a dime. The prospective employer is the one who pays the fees. If you pay someone to look for a job for you, the chances of you're getting ripped off are really pretty high.

One final thought. Don't neglect to look into what various humanitarian organizations may have to offer. The pay may not be great (or it may be in some cases) but the assignments can be quite rewarding.