Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

The Facts About The Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment

Are you hearing a lot of hype about the Japanese hair straightening treatment and you're wondering what all the fuss is about?  This process that was invented in Japan has certainly swept America and countless women are grateful to the transforming powers that it offers.



Whether you call the process magic straight, thermal reconditioning, Yuko system, bio ionic straightening, Liscio, rebonding or Japanese hair straightening treatment, it is nothing short of a miracle.  Can it really give you permanently straight hair?  It can and it does!  This is nothing like running a home perm through your hair with a comb and hoping for the best.  The process literally transforms the genetic makeup of your hair.

Is There A Catch?

While it is not a perm, you will need to get it redone roughly every six months to treat new growth at your roots and the process is not cheap.  A Japanese hair straightening treatment takes between 4 and 6 hours and can run you up to $1,000 depending on the length and condition of your hair.

Of course, this is a small price to pay to have stick straight, healthy, shiny hair even in the highest humidity or after a day at the beach.

Who Is Not A Good Candidate?

While most women have wonderful success with this process and claim that their hair is actually healthier looking after, there are some people that should not have the Japanese hair straightening treatment done.


If you find a professional who will do the process without a consultation, run away.  This is a big deal and not everyone is fully trained to be an expert in administering this treatment.  While any stylist can perform a simple straightening process, there are seminars and training required to be educated on the Japanese method.

A qualified professional will not accept every client just to make the money.  They will examine the strength of your hair and scalp before accepting you.  Unless you have been referred to someone, it is always a good idea to ask to see their portfolio of past experience with the Japanese hair straightening treatment.

The Process

The day of your appointment you will need to wash or wet down your hair at home and allow it to air dry.  This is so that your stylist can see the natural curves of your hair.  Yes, you can wear a hat on the way there if you need to.  A protein condition is first applied to your hair.  Then, a thio-relaxer that is creme-based is applied.  This softens the hair and also disassociates all sulfur bonds in your hair shaft.

After sitting under a heat lamp for awhile, the stylist will check your hair to see if it has broken down enough.  When the sulfur is completely disassociated, your hair is rinsed and dried, applying tension to get it as straight as possible.


Then, a neutralizer is applied and your hair is flat ironed while wet in very tiny pieces with a special, exceptionally hot iron.  You are back under the heat lamp, rinsed and blow dried again.  Be prepared for your head to be sore.  It is a lot of heat and constant pulling on it.


After you have had your Japanese hair straightening treatment done, you will be made to promise to not allow one drop of water to touch your hair for the next 72 hours.  This also means no working out and no sweating.  It is advised to not wear any hair scrunchies, accessories, hoods or hats for the first 24 hours so your hair has time to set.