Irish Superstitions

Some Common Irish Superstitions

There are many Irish Superstitions. The Irish have always been a superstitious lot. These superstitions give the Irish a certain charm that no other people seem to have. The many different superstitions and sayings show off the wit that the Irish people have. This article lists a few such Irish superstitions.

It is a very popular belief that any Irish person who has died abroad should be brought back and buried in the Irish soil. It is a popular superstition that the souls of these dead people will not be truly happy in the afterlife unless they are buried in their homeland along with the bodies of their fore fathers.

The Irish believe that a dead hand can cure any and all the diseases. Many times in the past, a house with a corpse would have many visitors who would come just for healing. The dead person’s hand would be laid upon the sick and diseased and this was believed to cure them of all their diseases.

The sheet used to wrap a corpse in, is also believed to have many medicinal and healing qualities. The corner of such a sheet, when tied around your head, can cure a headache. The swelling of an infected limb can be reduced by tying such a cloth around it.

The Irish also believe that burns can be cured using the ends of candles used at wakes.

The Irish believe that the last corpse buried in the graveyard has to watch over the graveyard. One duty that the corpse will have to perform will be to fetch water for the dead in Purgatory. This is a task that will take a lot of time and effort as Purgatory is an extremely hot place and the dead will need a lot of water. Many a fight has broken out for this reason when two processions try to enter the graveyard at the same time. No family wants its member to be buried last.

Stumbling near a grave is a very bad omen. You will have to walk very carefully in the graveyard. If you stumble and fall or even touch the ground, the superstition says you will die by the end of the year.

The Irish also believe that any person who meets a funeral must join the mourners and walk for at the least four steps along with the funeral procession.

Another Irish superstition is that if the closest relative to a corpse touches its hand, if the person is not quite dead, he will cry out wildly.

A common superstition with the Irish is that the Dead will walk the Earth on the Twelfth Night. They believe that on each and every tile of your house, there is actually a soul sitting. This soul is waiting for your prayers to release it from purgatory.

Magpies are the messengers of doom for the Irish. If a magpie comes to a person’s door and looks at him, the person is doomed. This is the worst kind and nothing can be done to avert the misfortune about to befall the man.

Another Irish superstition is that if a swarm of bees decide to desert a hive all of a sudden, a death is going to occur in the house.

There are a few omens that a house should never have, according to the Irish. These include a girl who whistles, a black cat and a crowing hen. Make sure that none of these are in your house.

According to the Irish, a rooster crowing at your doorstep means visitors are on their way. Hearing a cuckoo might bring you good luck but only if the cuckoo is to your right. A cuckoo on your right will bring you an entire year of good luck.