Indoor Baseball Drills

Indoor Baseball Drills You Should Know

If you are coaching or playing baseball, there are some indoor baseball drills that you should know.  Each one of them is going to help make you, or your team, better at the game they are going to play.  It is important to practice these drills on a regular basis in order to improve skill and technique.  While there are numerous baseball drills that can be utilized, this article is going to cover a few of the basics that you should keep in mind.

The first indoor baseball drill that you can use is going to help you or your team players become more accurate at throwing the ball.  You will start by getting a baseball tee and placing it in a certain location on the floor and place a ball on top of it.  You will then have a baseball and a bat and hit ground balls to the players on the floor. Once they catch the ball, they are going to need to throw it towards the tee that is placed on the floor.  The goal is for the individual throwing the ball to knock the other ball off of the tee.  When they can do this without hitting the tee, you know that they are getting more accurate at throwing the ball and this is what you want.  You can make this more interesting for each of the players by splitting them up into two teams.  You will then keep score for each team.  It becomes more of a game rather than practice and you are still improving their skills.

Another interesting indoor baseball drill that can be practice for accuracy is going to include tape.  You will want to take some tape and make two 20x20 squares on the wall.  Inside each of those you will want to make a 4x4 square.  Now, you will line each of the players up into two separate lines.  You will have each player throw their ball towards the squares on the wall.  If they hit inside the large square, their team gets one point.  However, if they get the ball inside of the smaller square they get two points.  Be sure that each player understands that they need to throw the ball hard enough that it will come to the next player like a ground ball that he or she will need to catch before they throw the ball.  Give this drill a two minute time limit and keep score for each team.

It is important to learn indoor baseball drills because you do not want to cancel practice every time it is raining really hard outside.  That is not going to help your team.  If you have a location inside that has enough room for indoor practice, you will want to utilize it when there is bad weather outside.  You can always purchase books online that have numerous indoor drills or you can simply spend time looking them up online.

As you have seen in this article, there are several different drills to help you with your accuracy.  However, there are also ways to practice team running and catching skills as well.  It is easy for you, as coach, to hit ground balls to your players and have them practice catching these balls and making certain plays at different bases.  All of these skills need to be practiced.  You can have your team players working on their running speed indoors as well.  You can set your players up in the gym and have them run from one side to the other while keeping track of their time.  Encourage them to improve their time.  You can make a game out of this as well if you make two teams and keep track of each teams combined time.