Immature Men

The Truth About Immature Men

It can be frustrating trying to communicate with immature men. When everything appears to look perfectly logical to a woman, men may not see things the same way. Instead of handling a situation like an adult these types of men will frequently either make a joke out of a problem or completely ignore it.  It doesn’t matter how old immature men are because they have not made any attempt to emotionally grow up and overtime this can become painfully clear.

When looking at immature men, the problem usually begins with how they were raised.  The mother may have spoiled or coddled the man as a boy. She may also have taken over if the boy had any problems that he could have dealt with himself. The father may have shown little or no sympathy for any discomfort and he may have lived in a house hold where the men were taught not to show any emotions. When these young men enter the school system the problem can become worse.  There when a boy shows emotion in this situation, he can be labeled a sissy and ridiculed on a daily basis. If this continues until adult hood the man can have problems dealing with emotions throughout his life.

Most men have a group of friends they associate with even when they are younger. When in a group, these men may be encouraged by each other to act immature. When one member of the group acts a certain way usually the rest follow suit. They do not want to seem different or alienated from the rest, so even if they do not agree they will go along with what is being done or said. No matter how immature or silly the action may be. They may even think about the situation a bit later and think to themselves that they probably should not have agreed.

Immature men can have strained relationships especially if they are married. Although they do know what sex is, emotional love can be a hard thing to achieve. Since marriage is based on mutual respect and love, an emotionally immature man can end up in divorce court if he does not learn how to communicate in a mature manner. Not only do they have to have intimate moments with their wives, they also have to show love and affection to their children. So these men must relearn how to deal with relationships within the family.

Since these men were taught from early on that showing emotion is a bad thing, they will also have to be sure not to pass this behavior on to their own siblings. They should start by examining how their own childhoods were affected by having to hide insecurities and emotions, making sure these ideas to do not surface again.

Another problem with immature men can be a wife that also thinks his behavior is acceptable. If she too is raised in a dysfunctional family, she may think that this is the way men are supposed to act. She may also mimic the actions of the man’s mother and take over when it comes to things that he should be doing in the relationship. This creates a vicious circle and the children are the most affected because they in turn will have the same immature behavior as the father.

If any person male or female is unable to handle situations maturely it can have a negative affect on their lives. Relationships can be lost as well as loved ones but this problem can be resolved. There are many marriage counselors and therapists who specialize in helping immature men.