How To Steam Broccoli

Learning how to steam broccoli may be beneficial to the health of all those who consume this extremely healthy and nutritious vegetable. There are several ways to lose the essential nutrients found within broccoli when cooked and prepared improperly. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to examine the proper methods for preparing and cooking broccoli in delicious recipes, while also taking the time to explain the benefits to the consumer’s health.

For those cooking broccoli without using organic brands, washing the vegetable in cold water is highly recommended. You should cut the broccoli so they appear as a collection of mini broccoli-looking trees (florets), instead of cooking the entire piece of broccoli together; this style is not only easier for consumption, but also allows thorough cooking in a timely manner. After preparation, it is time to choose one of the multiple methods for steaming the broccoli.

The question of how to steam broccoli appears frequently for new cookers and those seeking other methods of cooking alike. The most obvious method for steaming is by purchasing a steamer from your local store. However, these steamers can run you anywhere from twenty-five dollars to around one hundred depending on the brand. For families on a budget during the touch economic times, rest assured that you could steam broccoli without paying for a steamer.

One of the easiest ways to steam this green vegetable is by boiling water (just enough to cover about ½ an inch of the bottom of the pan) in a saucepan over the eye of a stove and adding the broccoli florets and a little bit of salt. From there, you simply cover and allow the broccoli to simmer (and steam) until cooked to the desired tenderness. Obviously for a crispier broccoli, you would steam the contents of the saucepan for half the time. After about two to five minutes your broccoli should be steamed near your liking with little variation needed.

Believe it or not, you are also able to use a microwave to meet the needs of your how to steam broccoli question. By purchasing a microwave-save cover (frequently used to cover foods to keep from splattering) for less than ten dollars, you are able to have the same steaming effects. Simply place the dish filled with broccoli into the microwave after adding a few teaspoons of water (varies depending on the amount of broccoli), and cook for three to five minutes or until desired tenderness is achieved.

Steaming broccoli can help with a variety of health related issues including the newest trend of claiming this green vegetable helps fight against heart diseases. Furthermore, steamed broccoli proves to be ideal for anyone wishing to lose weight. Consuming broccoli as a snack is a lot healthier than other options found in stores across the world. Shockingly enough, broccoli contains more vitamin C than the orange setting on your counter; in the same sense, most would not consider broccoli as an excellent source of calcium, but truth be told it is superb.

There are a wide variety of steamed broccoli dishes including the traditional addition of cheese sauce. However, for a healthier option, try serving your steamed broccoli with a side of low-calorie butter. However, others prefer their broccoli with acidy flavoring such as lemon juice. Either way, it is recommended that you play around with this vegetable to find tasty ways of incorporating it into your diet plan.

In the end, learning how to steam broccoli is extremely beneficial, proving to be a great source of nutrients. With everything from calcium to vitamins, this vegetable is worth adding to your dinner plans as a side dish. As outlined above, steaming broccoli is extremely easy as well as low in time consumption making it the ideal healthy choice to compliment any meal.